Not a fan of the freezing cold winter weather? Well, you can have an endless summer in your luxury rv to end the year on a high (and we mean, literal high temperatures!).

While road trips are always a good idea, we do understand that it takes a special type of person to want to travel somewhere that requires multiple heated blankets, snow chains and all the fuzzy blankets that will fit into your luxury RV.

And while many fair-weather RV travelers may decide to hibernate for the winter months, we are here to remind you that there are actually numerous warm-weather destinations to take your luxury RV this winter. You will find sunshine and good vibes in these 10 warm places that are calling you and your RV’s name!

So pack up the RV, don’t forget the swimsuit and head south this winter.

1. Florida

They call it the sunshine state for a reason. Florida has year-round sun which means year-round warmth as well. With the entire state being privy to white sandy beaches and stunning sunsets that make the sky full of cotton candy colors, Flordia is a great place to road trip this winter. From cities such as Clearwater and Tampa to St. Petersburg, there are endless campsites to park your RV up that will instantly make you forget it is wintertime.

2. California

While there are parts of inland California that gets cold (we’re talking Mammoth, Lake Tahoe and all those ski towns), this state still has plenty of sunshine and sandy beaches and desert to explore as well. For those wanting a coastal winter that lets you wear your beach attire all day, head to San Diego for some surfing and cocktails. And if you are really wanting to warm up, head to Twentynine Palms or Coachella Valley, where the days will be blistering warm with those good desert vibes.

3. Arizona

Another great warm-winter destination to bring your luxury RV to is Arizona. While some parts of the state, such as Flagstaff, get tons of snow, the lower-elevation regions like Tucson provide a great mix of Mexican food, consistently high temperatures and golf courses to enjoy. And with some great campgrounds that will let you park up your RV to enjoy a mountain view as well, it is the perfect spot to spend winter.

4. Texas

The southern parts of Texas provide you with warm weather all year long. And even better is that there are endless things to explore throughout the state as well. Not only does Texas offer you the chance to hit up different historical sites and even be part of a Civil War re-enactment, but you can also attend some of the country’s best music festivals. And when it comes to grocery shopping for your RV, Texas is the home state for Whole Foods so you will be in for a treat when it comes to food.

5. New Mexico

Often a forgotten destination amongst those hitting the roads in their luxury RVs, there are some warm spots in New Mexico that are perfect for a road trip. This includes the likes of White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns, which will make for some picture perfect Instagram posts of your roadie as well.

6. Georgia

The south is always charming, but especially in the winter. With no humidity but still plenty of clear sunshine days, this state is simply peachy to explore with your luxury RV. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the historical sites, play golf all day and explore the quaint towns, but you will be treated to the state’s famous hospitality.

7. Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t just for party-goers. It is for those traveling in a luxury RV too. Not only will you save a fortune on accommodation but still get to enjoy the perks of the Strip, but you can explore some of the surrounding natural gems of the state. Winter is one of the best times to check out the Valley of Fire, as the temperatures are bearable at all hours of the day.

8. South Carolina

While many people consider this state a summer destination, it offers plenty of perks for those who drive up in their luxury RV. From great cuisine, legendary golf courses and scenic outlooks, you can spend weeks having a blast in this warm weather state.

9. Louisiana

With temperatures reaching the mid-70s come wintertime at Lake Charles, this state offers a warm escape for those in an RV. Come for the football games, great BBQ meals and plenty of swampland to explore.

10. Mexico

Why not cross the border this winter and head to Mexico with your luxury RV? The sun is always shining, the margaritas and tacos are always delicious and there are plenty of natural gems to explore in our neighboring country.

Don’t let your luxury RV hibernate this winter. Instead, take it out for a trip to one of these 10 spots!

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