There are so many different ways that an individual can get injured and it can cause a lot of stress no matter how or where it happened. There is a lot of financial stress with the medical bills that come with it while you may not be able to continue to work at the same capacity as before the injury. During a stressful time an, injury lawyer in Loganville, GA is there to help you navigate through it. Below are three different situations that you may need an injury lawyer to help you.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The most common need for an injury lawyer is when a car accident happens. Whether it is two vehicles involved but also for pedestrians, bicyclist and motorcyclist that are affected by a vehicle collision or hit by a vehicle. Another part of this is when there is a negligent driver such as drunk driving or fatigued driving. Today there is a large chance that if an accident occurs someone was on their phone which would also be considered as negligence on their part. When there is a negligent driver and you are injured it’s possible that you could be compensated for your injuries.

Medical Malpractice

When something seems to be off about your health you go to the people you trust, doctors. The choices that doctors make about your well being directly affect you and when it seems they don’t have your best interest in mind it can be concerning. Especially when the results are not what you were expecting or what was explained to you previously. Doctors are held to a standard of medical care and when that is not met it can be devastating for the patient. Although malpractice is not to be confused with just a bad outcome in the medical field. Malpractice is when different decisions could have been made by the doctor for a better outcome for the patient.

Nursing Home Abuse

Sending a loved one to a nursing home is a hard decision to make but when you make that decision it is because they will get more attention and time than you are able to give your loved one. You are trusting a facility to take care of them to the best of their ability and with this they are agreeing to a standard of care. If that standard of care is not met for any reason of intentional or unintentional actions they are held accountable. From just not moving the patient on a schedule to prevent bed sores all the way intentional abuse such as bruises. This included ensuring the patient is getting all their meds on time, bedding is getting changed and enough food. You are entrusting someone to take care of them and they should do what is best for the resident, always.

Do You Need an Injury Lawyer?

There are so many scenarios that you could potentially need an injury lawyer. Reaching out to an injury lawyer would allow you to find out if you would benefit from using one to navigate through your injury. If you are in a vehicle accident, feel that you have been on the bad end of a medical malpractice or have a loved one that has been neglected in any capacity at a nursing home then you should look into getting an injury lawyer. When you are personally injured it affects everything that you do and you deserve to be compensated.

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