What type of energy do you use in your home?

Fossil fuels power about 80% of America’s domestic energy needs. If you still get energy from these sources, you should consider switching to a more sustainable source. 

Where can you find a better source of power? Look up!

Read on to learn six solid reasons to go solar!

1. Sustainability

Every second, our sun produces 384.6 septillion watts (3.846×1026 W) of energy. This makes it an incredibly sustainable energy source.

Fossil fuels come from decomposing animals and plants deep within Earth’s crust. This process takes millions of years.

When we drain fossil fuel reserves, they are gone. We have no easy way to replenish them, making them a non-renewable energy source.

Our sun, on the other hand, will not burn out. We can count on it to shine on for much longer than we live.

2. Planet Health

In order to utilize fossil fuel energy, we must burn them. The combustion releases carbon dioxide and other noxious gasses into the air.

CO2 speeds up climate change as it builds up in the atmosphere. Other products of combustion will be released into the environment, polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we grow crops with.

Methods of extracting fossil fuels also hurt the Earth. For example, oil spills put ocean life in danger.

The sun burns from far away in space, and its gases don’t reach our planet. We harness its clean energy through solar panels that do not create these same environmental issues.

3. Lower Energy Bill

The law of supply and demand drives up prices as product availability decreases. This means the cost of fossil fuel energy will continually rise as we use up these resources.

Already, the cost of traditional energy hits hard. You can save money on your monthly bill by using solar energy.

In fact, your solar panels will save excess energy that they collect from the sun and send them back to the grid. When this happens, your energy company will pay you for power! Learn about more benefits of going solar.

4. Tax Credit

Tax season is a time when many Americans owe the government money But, those who choose solar power get a tax credit.

This does not work like a tax deduction. Instead, they simply pay less in taxes.

The amount of their credit depends on the cost of their solar equipment, as they get a set percentage back. You will never see a tax credit for using non-renewable energy.

5. Home Value

Do you plan to eventually sell your home? Increasing the value of your home will increase your profit on the property.

Installing solar panels now may seem expensive. But, not only does it save on your monthly bill and earn you a tax credit, but this investment also increases the value of your home.

Go Solar Now

Don’t wait to go solar. As you burn non-renewable resources and money, our planet suffers.

Harness the power of our sun to fuel a better life. We can teach you more ways to save on our family budget page!

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