Starting a privately owned enterprise is a dream come true for many. After all, becoming financially independent by managing your own business can be considered an important milestone in modern-day life. Not only do you get to work on your own terms, but you learn the discipline, organization, and responsibility needed to succeed both in a free-market environment, as well as in other parts of life.

The issue is, people who aspire to start their own company often lack the necessary funds to do so. Running a business is a costly endeavor, even more so if we take into account the more specialized industries that might need some expensive hardware to operate. Fortunately, there are numerous tips for beginner entrepreneurs that will make this journey an easier one, such as considering income protection policy, applying for a small business loan, starting a service business, using owned equipment, and prioritizing social media marketing. Explore the advice below and become your own boss without any fears whatsoever.

Buy a Professional Income Protection Policy

Starting a small business can be a scary experience, especially if you have a family to support. While income protection insurance might not seem too important at first, it should be a crucial part of your overall financial plan. In case you are out of work through an accident, injury, or sickness, you will have a safety net that will keep you from going into debt.

Income protection insurance comes in several forms, such as unemployment benefits provided by the government or private disability insurance. All of them help you maintain a steady cash flow while you recover from an illness or injury. Having a backup plan is a wise idea, as you will avoid having to make desperate decisions when the going gets tough, such as borrowing money from friends or relatives. If you want to educate yourself on this topic further, you can check this income protection guide.

Consider a Small Business Loan

Another important way to start a business with little to no money is by applying for a small business loan. As long as you have a viable business plan in hand, there are numerous financial institutions that might be interested in funding your entrepreneurial dreams. A good example of this type of loan is the SBA 504 Loan which offers up to 50% financing for small businesses. Even better, the loan may cover the cost of equipment, inventory, working capital, and other items crucial for your business to succeed.

The key to securing this type of loan is to have the necessary collateral or equity in place to take advantage of these opportunities. If you are about to enter into a business partnership, be sure that your co-founder has enough funds to contribute towards the initial costs of setting up the company. Lastly, keep in mind that your business can take time to grow into profitability, so be sure that the lender understands the risk involved in providing this type of loan.

Think About Starting a Service Business

The service industry might be of great interest to you, mainly because it does not require plenty of upfront expenses. Some examples of service businesses are cleaning services, landscaping companies, plumbing services, home repair, child care, and many others. It is also quite easy to find customers willing to pay you for your services since everyone needs their home or office cleaned once in a while.

Setting up a new service business won’t take long either; all it takes is some basic equipment (e.g., cleaning supplies) to get started. You can even do some research on the internet for free help to get started. Take note that to make money over time, you must provide quality service at an affordable price, so it is vital that you find ways to compete with other similar businesses in your area.

Use Your Home Devices for Business Needs

If you do not have any funding for specialized equipment, then consider using your computer system for business purposes instead. If you are running an internet-based scheme, then your main need is an internet connection and nothing more than that.

If you are planning on selling products online, then get a merchant account to accept credit card payments. In terms of storing inventory, you can use your home as a warehouse and have the items shipped there directly from the supplier.

In case you are planning on using physical locations for business purposes, then a good idea is to rent a commercial space near your home. This will allow you to save on gas and other everyday costs while keeping you close to your workplace.

Try Out Free Marketing Tools Found Online

Social media marketing is a great way for new companies to get started without spending too much money on advertising campaigns and other promotional efforts needed in order to attract new customers from various online platforms. If you run a blog related to your niche market, then incorporate social media buttons into your posts in order to generate interest from people who might be looking for answers regarding that issue or topic on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Also, remember that most social media platforms are free, and they offer a seemingly endless supply of information and news updates, so use this opportunity wisely and don’t waste it on meaningless stuff! Once your business grows a little, you might consider hiring a social media expert if you don’t have enough time for publishing posts and devising social media strategies.


Starting a new company is an exciting experience, but some people fail to realize that they must plan ahead in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. There are numerous tips for starting a business with little to no money, but these are the most important ones that you need to keep in mind.

If you want to start your own business, then be sure that you have a solid plan in place, or at least a partner who can help you see your ideas come to fruition. Good luck!

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