The average rate of engagement on Instagram is 2.02%. This is about 10 times the engagement rate on Facebook!

If you’re a small business on Instagram, this is one small business social media platform you can’t miss out on. There are a host of recent new features and some tried and true methods to boost your engagement.

If you want to sell more products, increase your brand awareness, and be a success at Instagram marketing, you need help. These six Instagram for small business tips will help you get your account off the ground.

Keep reading to find out your Instagram for business tips!

1. Use a High-Quality Template

You can tell the people who are wannabe influencers and businesses that are less than serious about their marketing efforts. They take selfies or low-quality camera shots of products and slop them onto their account. Maybe a few stickers have been added for cuteness.

If you’ve done this in the past, it’s okay, we all have. A quality Instagram template will help you be the influencer or small business that looks polished and sharp. Tell people you’re bringing your best, by doing it, not only saying it.

2. Use Instagram Stories

If you’re not sure what stories are, they are 10-second posts that disappear after 24 hours. It’s a perfect way to highlight a new product with a limited-time discount. Once the story is gone, the discount is over!

More than 500 million people every day are interacting with Instagram stories. About 25% of Millenials and Gen Z populations are finding products and services through them. Don’t miss out on this amazing tool.

3. Reel Them In

Like stories, reels are 15-second videos you can use music, audio, effects, and other tools. These, unlike stories, are permanent. You can create engaging, fun content about your products, your business, and your local area using reels.

This is best for small businesses wanting to stand out and offer something big brands can’t. What’s that? The local, personal touch.

4. Put Your Link in the Bio

Links in bios are powerful tools to get people to your website. Instagram is only a current feed of news and announcements and for marketing. To get them buying, you need them on your site.

Don’t make them look all over for you or do google searches to find you. Give your customer what they want and put the link in your bio.

5. Product Launch With Instagram Live

Even small businesses on Instagram can do live product launches without a huge PR budget or dozens of cameramen. With a Live broadcast on Instagram, you can share a direct link to your product in the broadcast.

For this, you’ll need to get access to Instagram Checkout.

6. Check It Out

Speaking of Instagram Checkout, your business account is incomplete without Checkout. Users can buy products with Instagram Checkout without leaving the app.

Talk about engagement, this is a new feature that rolled out near the end of 2020 that is driving sales like crazy among creators and small businesses alike. Instagram has become more and more of an e-commerce machine.

This is not the time to drag your feet. Start using it today!

Small Business Instagram Tips For Success

These small business Instagram tips will get you up and rolling only if you use them. You’ll need to know more about each feature in-depth before you can start using them for maximum effect. Don’t worry, using it poorly is still better than not using it at all!

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