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The Internet has penetrated the life of each of us. But this is not only a source of information, a means of communication, but also a serious threat to computer security.

The Internet involves risks to your online security. The best way to avoid them is to learn to surf the Internet correctly. Some people never have network security problems. Generally, it is because they have learned the relevant to avoid these things.

  • It has a good antivirus, firewall, and any program that protects you from vulnerabilities.
  • Do not go directly to web links from an email unless it is necessary, but type your address directly in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or whatever you have). Do not open suspicious links (even if a friend tells you to do so).
  • Please do not download files that are sent to you, even from trusted people, unless you discover they are reliable. In any case, the antivirus always passes.
  • Buy from trusted online stores, from reputable sellers or from places where you have the assurance that there is someone with whom you have any reference or can locate personally or by phone.
  • On the Internet,only  give the data that is strictly necessary and on trusted sites. You will know how to recognize where everything should be done, and where you have doubts, do not do it.
  • Download the applications from their official sites, and not from others. You have to keep in mind that, even sometimes the antivirus does not recognize it, some applications or programs may contain some vulnerability, some virus or worm that affects your computer.
  • If you are going to enter websites where there may be a lot of danger or publicity, use an advertising blocker and be cautious, although you should avoid these websites.
  • Always keep your computer, your browser, your antivirus, and everything in general updated.
  • Even if you enter from a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet, take maximum precautions and follow all the previous advice you can.

If you work with the Internet, then here are some tips to advise you to adhere to specific safety rules.

  • Remember that the concept of temporary does not exist on the Internet: everything that has ever been posted online will remain online forever. And even if this file or object is deleted, it can easily be found and restored.
  • Change your privacy settings and make your profile visible and accessible only to your friends. Do not depend on the default site settings. Privacy settings are not something to be neglected. In most cases, parameters can be set so that your personal information is publicly available only to those people who are your friends and acquaintances.
  • Take the habit of setting only complex passwords and try to change them regularly. Design and choose strong passwords and do not pass them to anyone. Even your best friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend should not know your passwords.
  • Do not respond to strange or inappropriate requests and letters. Explain to your children that they should not add strangers to their friends on social networks, and also communicate online with those with whom they are not familiar. If you use a system in a public place or a specialized Internet cafe, then before leaving your workplace, make sure that you log out of all your profiles.
  • Do not post offensive or aggressive comments. Your child should also not post offensive content on social media. Also, it would help if you refrained from joining the so-called “hate groups” – groups that sharply negatively respond to any segment of the population, event, or phenomenon and publish relevant content. Explain to your child that such actions can be dangerous, since such groups can offend the feelings of some people, and this can lead to aggressive actions on their part. It is also worth considering that the publication of certain materials may be prohibited at the legislative level and is prosecuted by government agencies.

Examine copyright laws. It would be best if you were extremely careful when downloading from the Internet a wide variety of files – music, pictures, movies, and even antivirus programs. Downloading music, movies, or software for free may seem like a great option, but keep in mind that downloading copyrighted content is illegal.

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