Ali Wong (Alexandra Dawn) was born in 1982 on 19th April. She is an American comedienne actress who earned more name and fame after starting her career as a comedian. Not only is this, but Ali Wong is also a writer and actress as well. Currently, she is the main cast member in American Show on ABC television. Now, if you want to know stuff like how much money Ali Wong every year, what’s the net worth, and everything about her life, then you should stick to the entire guide. 

Before it, it’s necessary to learn a little bit more about her.  Ali was born in Pacific Heights in San Francisco, California. The majority of people remembered her for Netflix comedic specials, i.e., Hard Knock Wife and Baby Cobra, etc. Another major achievement for her is that she played the role of the lead actress in the most popular film, Always Be My Maybe. She was credited as co-writer and producer of the film.

The early life of Ali Wong

She was the youngest of all 4 children. Her mother, Tam Wong, was a social worker, and her father named Adolphus Wong, was a Chinese-American anaesthesiologist. Ali’s father worked for 30 years for Kaiser Permanente. Wong completed her graduation from the San Francisco University High School. At the high school, Ali opted as the student body class president. After then, she majored in Asian American studies, and there is find her talent.  She started performing as a member of LCC Theatre Company.

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Career beginning

By going through, the career of Ali Wong, you will become able to know how hard-working and the strong lady she is. Her career was started in 2011, as after completed her college at 23-year-old, she started a stand-up comedy at Brainwash café. After then, she visited New York City, where she started performing 9 times a night to pursue comedy. After some time, she appeared on many popular shows like John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show and The Tonight Show, etc.

Personal life

Well, she lives with her husband named Justin Hakuta. He ishalf Japanese and half Filipino. Both of them met with each other in their mutual friend’s marriage in 2010. Justin completed her studies at Harvard Business School, and he was the vice president at healthcare startup GoodRx. They got married in 2014 and have 2 daughters.

Net worth of Ali Wong

When it comes to knowing the net worth of Ali Wong, then she has a $3 million net worth. She earned a great name and fame after she started her career in 2011. She earns a good huge amount of money every year by performing stand-up comedy and sitcom appearances. 

Not only is this, but she is also known as a voiceover and director in some shows. From 2011 she started becoming popular, and now there is hardly anyone present who don’t know about her. Some of the best highlights of Ali Wong’s career are Hey Girl, Ask the StoryBots, and Breaking In.

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