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Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth

Andrew Clay Silverstein is professionally known as Andrew Dice Clay. He is an amazing comedian, producer, actor, and musician based in America. In 1980, he gained fame with a bold and macho persona recognized “The Diceman.” Andrew rose to eminence in 1990 as he becomes the only stand-up comedies to perform for two nights in Madison Square Garden. He also played a role in the mystery film entitled “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.”

Andrew played a role in various television shows and films and has played supporting roles in A Star is Born by Bradley Cooper and in Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen. While touring and doing stand-up comedy, he also focused on his acting skills. In 2018, he released “I’m OveHea’ Now,” his podcast.

Early Life

Clay was born in 1957 on 29th September and is the child of Fred and Jacqueline Silverstein. He was born and bought up in Brooklyn of New York City. His father did the work of a real estate agent and was also a boxer at the same time. Since Clay was five years old, he started amusing his family with his jokes and his impressions. While he turns seven, he got inspired by big band music and started playing drums.

He completed his studies by attending James Madison High School of Brooklyn and worked in the Catskill Mountains as a drummer in the 1970s. He dreamt of making his band, but he didn’taccomplish his goal of forming a big band. Clay started pursuing his higher studies but suddenly dropped out because he wanted to choose comedy as his career. He declared John Travolta, Elvis Persley, Sylvester Stallone, and Fonzie as his role models.

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Career Beginnings

Clay started his career in 1978 in stand-up comedy when he first got the chance to give an audition in Sheepshead Bay at Pips comedy club. He was a master of impressions and has done many stand-up comedies on the stage. Later he moved to Los Angeles and worked at a comedy store whose owner was Mitzi Shore. This was the time when he changed his name to Andrew Clay. He also appeared in many films, and his first film was Wacko in 1982.

Personal Life

For four years, from 1984 to 1986, Clay got married to Kathy Swanson, but after four years, Swanson filed a case against Clay declaring breach of contract and accused him of persuading her to utilize an attorney for a divorce. This statement of Swanson wasn’t proved, and also Clay denied it. In 1992, Clay was engaged and married to his love Kathleen Trini Monica and the couple had two children named Dillon Scott and Maxwell Lee.

He then married Valerie Vasquez, a hairstylist, in 2010 and stayed with her for four years. Later Clay got in a relationship with Eleanor Kerrigan, his ex-fiancee and comedian.

Net Worth

Talking about the net worth of Andrew Dice Clay,it is estimated that the net worth of this comedian based in America is approximately $10 million.

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