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Andy Dick Net Worth

Andy Dick was born on 21st December 1965, and he is a prominent American actor, comedian, musician, movie and TV producer, and comic. His principal comical role on TV was in Ben Stiller Show, which lasted for a short time. He also did a stint in News Radio on NBC and ran for a long time in the mid-1990s. He was also in Less than perfect, where he is playing the role of a supporting character. Then he opened his own show named The Andy Dick Show, and it aired on MTV. He is very notable for doing comical and outlandish behavior in several roasts from Comedy Central beside his other appearances. He is also prominent for his drug addiction, eccentric behavior, and sexual misconduct arrests and allegations.

Early Life

Dick is originally from South Carolina, and he was adopted by Sue and Allen Dick. He was brought up as Andrew Roane Dick, and his father worked in the Navy and followed the Presbyterian religion. He spent much time living in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Yugoslavia, and New York before shifting to Chicago in 1979. He also has been to Lassiter High and took housing temporarily at the Comprehensive School of George Walton, which was situated in Cobb County of Georgia. Dick has made appearances in numerous productions of theatre during his year of high school. He was soon elected as the king of homecoming in 1983 during his senior years. He finally graduated from Illinois after finishing his studies at Joliet West High in 1984.

He used his surname as a joke while at high school, and he also presented himself as the Super Dick while dressing in a homemade superhero costume. He has also been childhood friends with an actor named Anthony Rapp. He joined the Second City in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois Wesleyan. He has also done his course at the college of Chicago Columbia before attending, and there he performed his IO theatre and improv.

Career Beginning

Dick commenced his work of comedy from TV in the Ben Stiller Show as a cast member. It also aired in 1992 September and lasted for four months. He also was in Donnie, the CBS Page who Likes to Suck it Up. He gave a watch to Letterman during the show, and the host prompted him to hold a pencil and walk backstage to much applause. In The Nanny, he also played Pepe, the stylist for Maggie’s The Model Episode. He has also been in Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart, where he performed as Zachary Smart.

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Personal Life

Dick was married to Ivone Kowalczyk till 1990, and he has a son named Lucas with her. He then married Lena Sved, with whom he has a daughter and a son. He also has stated that he is bisexual in a 2006 Washington Post. He said that he struggled with alcohol use disorders and drug abuse before entering a rehabilitation program to become sober about twenty times.

Net Worth

Andy Dick has a current average and approximate net worth of about three million dollars. He has worked as a comedian, actor, producer, screenwriter, director, and even voice actor for numerous shows and movies. He is still prevalent in comedy, and he has accumulated his net worth from that work alone.

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