Angela Bassett Net Worth

Angela Bassett was born on sixteenth August 1958, and she is a prominent American director, actress, activist, and producer. She is well-known for portraying leading African-American females with strong personalities. Angela has received several awards, such as three Black Reels, a Golden Globe, a screen actors guild, and seven NCAAP Image. She also has earned seven nominations for Primetime Emmy and one nomination for Academy. Angela commenced her career after finishing her studies at Yale University in the 1980s. She did several minor roles in Boyz n the Hood as Reva Styles and had her breakout with What’s Love Got to Do with It, like Tina Turner, which won the best actress award from Academy.

Early Life

Angela is originally from New York City, and she was born to Daniel Benjamin and Betty Jane. She was raised in Harlem, and her middle name is in honor of her aunt named Evelyn. Her Bassett surname originates from her great-grandfather named William Henry Bassett, who acquired his former slave owner’s surname. Bassett’s mother became pregnant again after ten months of her birth, and her sister was named Danette. Bassett often states that the pregnancy so soon made their dwindling family situation much worse. Her parents then sent her to stay with her dad’s sister, and she was good with Bassett. Her mother was a civil servant, and they divorced later in her younger days. Angela shifted to Florida, where her sister was raised with her mother. Bassett only saw her dad when she went to attend the funeral of her grandmother years later. Bassett also met her father’s daughter from his foremost marriage, who was about twelve named Jean. Bassett studied and graduated from Jordan Park Elementary School. Then, she also attended seventh grade in the Disston Middle School in the year 1970.

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Career Beginning

Angela’s breakout role was in Doubletake, a television-only movie where she portrayed a prostitute. She made her breakout on films in F/X showing a reporter that won her the position in the screen actor guild. She then made a shift to Los Angeles in 1988 to find even more jobs in acting and gained widespread recognition for Boys n The Hood and for Malcolm X. She acquired an Image Award for playing the role of Betty Shabazz. The movie did not earn positive reception, but it captured Malcolm X’s rage in the autobiographical film. She also had to watch the original video of Malcolm X’s assassination to prepare for the scene, and Angela described it as haunting. She was finally able to get a good hold of the emotions that the scene depicted and successfully recreated them.

Personal Life

Bassett married Courtney B Vance in 1997, and they starred in His Girl Friday in the summer of 2005, held in the Guthrie Theatre situated in Minnesota. She has twin daughters who were born on 27th January 2006, named Slater and Bronwyn Vance. She supports arts and youth programs actively and also attends annual conventions for diabetic children.

Net Worth

Angela Bassett’s current approximate net worth is about 25 million USD.

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