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Angie Dickinson Net worth

Angie Had made her career as an actress as well as on television shows. She had appeared in many anthology series in the year 1950. She had got fandom when she had done the film known as Gun The Man Down. She had done the movie with James Arness. She had done another movie known as Rio Bravo, which was released in 1959. For her work, she was awarded many awards. She had worked around for around 60 years of her career time. 

Angie Dickinson’s Early Life

Angie was born with the name Angeline Dickinson. She was brought down in this world on 30th September of 1931. She has brought down on this earth in Kulm, North Dakota, US. She was born in a family of four daughters, and she was the second child of her parents. She was taken birth to Fredericka and Leo Henry Brown. She had ancestry from Germans and also from Russia. She was brought down with Catholic beliefs. Her father used to work in a Newspaper agency as a Newspaper publisher. He was working in the Kulm Messenger and the Edgeley Mail. 

When she was small, she had a love for Film. Her father was also working as a projectionist. He was working when the movie was put up there. Till the time had arrived the when the theatre was burnt down in the town. She had done her schooling at the Bellarmine Jefferson High School. She had attended the college of Glendale Community College. 

Angie Dickinson’s Career

Angie had made her career as a participant in the Miss America contest. There she was spotted by the agent. After that, she did the show named The Jimmy Durante Show. After doing the show, she came into the limelight and gained the attention of the Industry producer. She had learnt about the craft, and after that, she had appeared in the shows such as The Colgate Comedy Hour. There she got the chance to meet a friend who became a lifetime supporter whose name is Frank Sinatra. She was appointed as the Sinatra is in the movie named Ocean 11. She had worked in recent productions such as Buffalo Bill Jr, City, Detective, and It’s an excellent Life, Gray Ghost, Great Life, Broken Arrow, The People choice, The Virginian, and The Restless Gun. She had won awards such as Best Actress in a Drama Series for the movie named Police Woman. In 1976, she had nominated for the Best Actress In a Drama Series for the Politicscs Woman. She had won the New Star Actress Of the Year, Best Actress in a Drama Series, Best actress For the Dressed to Kill. 

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Angie Dickinson’s Personal Life

She got married to Gene Dickinson. He was a former football player, and she used to play from 1952 to 1960. She became very close to Joh Kenneth and Catherine Galbraith. 

Net Worth

She holds a net worth of $25 million, which she had gained from tgr film career that she had done. She had done many movies from which the audience loved some.

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