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Anita Baker Net Worth

Anita’s birth name is Anita Denise Baker. She had started her career in the year 1970. She had chosen her career as a rapper and a songwriter. She is recognized as the most prominent singer of the soul. She had the band which is known as the “CHAPTER 8”. Her album was got the Platinum-selling album which is known as the Rapture. Her albums had also won International awards such as Grammy Awards. She had won many awards to get a career list. 

Early Life

When Anita was born, her name was Anita Denise Baker. She was brought down in the land of 26th January 1958. She was born in Toledo, which is present in Ohio, US. But initially, she was born in Detroit, which is present in Michigan. When sHe was only two years old, her mother left her, and she was brought up and raised by her foster family. Then when she was twelve years old, her foster parents died, and her elder sister raised her. When she was eight years old, she had started her career by singing in nightclubs. When she was singing, she got noticed by David Washington. He gave her the audition card for the album, known as “Chapter 8”. She had seen many up and down in her life, by saying her mother abandoning her and her foster parents dying in front of her. 


She had joined Chapter 8 in the year 1975. Then she signed the deal with AriolaRecords in the year 1979. The first or debut album released was known as “Chapter 8”. She had also seen in the “Ready For Your Love .” After chapter 8 was left by the label, they were convinced that Baker didn’t have that star quality that the star should possess for the album, which is known as “Chapter 8”. Then she returned to Detroit and worked as the Receptionist. She had worked there till 1982. Then she worked under the label of Beverly Glen Label. She haD released her first album, known as “The Songstress .” The album was released in 1983. Her rank in the albums used to gain status in the R&B. Her singles also gets the position in R&B in the top 40. Then her album was known As “Giving You the Best That I Got .”TheThealbum was called into the BillboaRds 200. The albums sold about 5 million copies. She had worked under the labels such as Ariola, Beverly Glen, Elektra, Atlantic, Blue Note. She had collaborated with other artists such as Free Spirit, Chapter 8, Michael J Powell. 

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Personal Life

She had done her music study at the Berklee College of Music. She got married to Walter Bridgeforth Jr. Then the couple got separated in 2005. The couple was blessed with Walter baker Bridgeforth and Edward Carlton Bridgeforth.

Net Worth

She holds a net worth of $40 million from her albums and songwriting.

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