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Anthony Padilla Net Worth

Anthony Padilla is better known as Anthony Smosh, Anthony Padilla, Smosh Anthony and Anthony Padildo. He was born with Daniel Anthony Padilla. He is an actor and social media Influencer and editor by profession. He is famous for being popular as the co-founder of Smosh. In the year2017, he announced that he had left the Smosh. He left Smosh to become the Content creator in social media. He is intelligent and childish, like he was seen in the Smosh.

Early Life

Anthony was brought up in this world on 16th September in 1987. He was born in Sacramento, California. Be was born with the name which was Daniel Anthony Padilla. He holds the nationality of American. Recently he has lived in Los Angeles. He was taken to Leezah Padilla and Daniel Padilla. He had two siblings. He had some severe childhood issues; his parents parted ways when he was two years old. When their parents separated their ways, he lived with his grandmother. She used to help his family financially and emotionally. When he was only 14 years old, his grandmother passed away. He attended his schooling at Del Campo High School. He had completed his graduation from American River College. After completing his studies, he started to work on his career.


At the beginning of her career, he designed car and gas insurance websites. He was The co-founder of Smosh. Then he started his Youtube Journey. Along with his friends, he has begun his Journey. In his Youtube Journey, he was seen as the funny guy. He is an actor, writer, director, and editor by profession. In his videos, he was doing the Food Battle 2009. He was killed several times in the game. He holds the records of most of the times he died. He had done in the episode which was name was “MY MOM’s AMAZING VIDEO.” In thee hear14th June 2017. He announced that he had left the Smosh. In his channel, he had posted in his private channel, that why he had left the Smosh. After the video’s release, the video hits no one on the trending list. Smosh was founded by Anthony, Alloy, Defy. But he left the channel. Before he left Smosh, he had created his channel Anthony Padilla2. In the year2019, he was hired by Nickelodeon to host the event, which was named As “THROWBACK WITH NICKELODEON.”

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Personal Life

He had a dental problem, and he used to wear a mouth guard because he had a habit of grinding his mouth. He noticed this habit when he was on a trip to Hawaii. One of his friends, IAN, saw and unformed him. When they had graduated from college, they went on a trip to Hawaii. He used to get panic attacks whenever he was stressed. 

Net Worth

Anthony Padilla holds a total net worth of $3 million, which he gained through his acting career, producer and writer. 

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