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Anthony Russo Net Worth

Russo’s birth name is Anthony Russo. He had chosen his career as a well-known producer, screenwriter, and director. He is well known with his brother, whose name is Joseph Russo. He got famous with his brother and had done their albums with him. They are well-known American Directors. With his brother, he had directed many films such as Marvel Universe. Captain America, and Avengers Endgame, and many more. He had directed great movies that had crossed the existing film’s record. 

Early Life

Anthony was brought down in this land on 3rd February 1970. Anthony was born with his brother, whose name is Joseph Russo. They cried first time on Cleveland, which was present in Ohio. Russo was born to Patricia Russo and Basil Russo. He holds the ancestry of Italian. Their ancestors were from Sicily and Abruzzo. They came from there because of the deprivation. They came to Ohio and worked in the steel mills. He had done his schooling at benedictine High School. He had completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. He had completed his graduation by majoring in the Subject of Business. Then, he didn’t like the subject, and he changed her subject to English. Both the twin brothers worked and stayed with each other from his childhood, but they had incited different graduation subjects.


They had completed their full graduation from the Case Western Reserve University. In that University, Anthony had chosen Law’s subjectwhereasJoe had learned about Acting. In that University, they learned about producing and directing films. They usually made the movie with their student loan, which they had taken from the bank for their studies. The film “Pieces “was illustrated in the Film festival known as Slamdance Film Festival. After watching the film, they had been offered many movies. They were delivered to do a partnership with George Clooney. They were awarded many awards for their work, such as Primetime Emmy Award. They had directed many great movies such as Avengers, Marvel Movies. He usually works with hiS brother and produces and leads many movies. Their films had grossed around $2. Seven hundred eighty-nine billion across the globe. They had run and guided many films such as Avenger: Endgame, Marvel Movies, Captain America. And many more. They had done the series which is named Half Endings. Be had also done some of the showers, Pizza Fil. School, Avengers: Infinity War.

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Personal Life

He got married to Ann Russo. They are happily married and spend their whole life with each other. He was blessed with a child whose name is Julian Russo.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $25 million from his producing and directing career.

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