Backpack Kid Net Worth

The backpack had made his career as a dancer. He had posted his dance moves on Youtube. He is very famous on social media, such as Instagram. His dance moves are very much unique, which is the reason for the popularity of his dance moves. He used to practice the dance moves before posting them on social media platforms. He jad launched many musical albums such as Drip On Boat, Ball Out, Swag Pack Kid and many more. 

Backpack Kid’s Early Life

The backpack is not his real name of him. His original name is Russel Horning. He was brought down on the earth on 19th December 2001. During his childhood, he was an average child. He was born to Anita Redd. His father’s name is not clear, and present information is available. He had a sibling whose name was Jill. He had a sister. There s no such information current about his schooling career. He holds the nationality of American. He was born in the land of the United States. His early life was every day as similar to other kids. But the stardom was sudden. Because of his talent, he had got notoriety. He gad a great interest in dance skills. He is in his teenage days, and he had got a great fandom at a minimal age if his life. 

Backpack Kid’s Career

His days were standard, as similar as to their other child. After that, he had started to be active on social media. He used to post the dance moves on social media. He used to share his dancing experience in his bedroom and share it on social media such as Instagram. He has specific dance moves of his own, which he called Flossing. In these dance steps, he used to flaunt his dance steps by swinging his arms and slightly shaking his body and, at last, shaking his booty. He yoused to dance with a glaze faced and his signature style which is the backpack. He is very much active by the year 2014. At first he had kept his Instagram name as Majestic Cat Lover. After one year, he got famous among there audience and he was tagged in many stories as well as in The post. Many people had tagged him in the most or some Video. This act led him to increase his followers of him. By the beginning of 2016, his dance video got famous, and many others shared them. He was also invited to the party Katy perry to be in the show known as Saturday Night Live. In that show, he showcased his talent in front of the audience. He was also seen in the Music video, which was formed by Ayo &Tyo, and also seen in many other videos.

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Backpack Kid’s Personal Life

He is very close to his mother and his sister. His face is his priority, and he used to perform with all his heart. There is no information about his father. 

Backpack Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $1 million, which he had gained from thr dancing skills he used to do.

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