Bart Kwan Net Worth

Bart had made his career as a Youtuber. He is the co-founder of the channel, which is named as JustKidding Films. However, he was Taiwanese as Well as Cantonese. He holds the nationality of American. He used to post the comedy act on his channel. After that, he started to direct the videos that he was making. He created the channel with his friend, Joe Jo and completed the track named Just Kidding Films.

Bart Kwan’s Early Life

Bart was born on the 18th of November in 1985. She was brought down to the land of California, which is in the USA. When he was small, his parents separated, which caused significant trauma. After his parent’s separation, he was in a relationship with his both father and mother. When he was a small child, he used to work in the comedy style. He used to do the show of comedy and Show them to his relatives. When he was alone, he used to do the work of comedy act and deliver it himself. At that time, his parents were in the position. He used to make silly and childish faces and used to make himself happy. He had prepared for medicine and joined the United States Marine Corps. He had joined the Corps after that, and he had completed his graduation. There he had pursued graduation in comedy as well as Entertainment. When he was small, he used to play the drums very well. When he was only five years old, he used to play the drums. 

Bart Kwan’s Career

He had a multitalented personality. He got the stardom when he created the channel whose name is Just Kidding Films. The channel was built on Youtube. He had made the channel with the help and also worked as a Joe Jo. He was working as a Writer and also a Director. He wanted to act, and he tried to be an actor. He studied at the University of California to show the Social and Contemporary and the Cultural Revolution. He used to deal with all of these with a hint of their Comedy in it. 

He used the parables and The myths to show the actual truth of the life. When someone goes into the channel the description shows that he had mentioned that “Teaching Good Things in a Bad Way”. He had another channels which are known as Just Kidding Party and Just Kidding News. He was coming up with a new medium named Just Kidding Gamer. He had uploaded the channel in which he used to post the free videos where viewers could watch the full videos. He used to perform the international Matter and perform on the International stage. He used to give speeches at the festivals and The headline. He was there to serve in the universities and collaborated with many artists who had won the Highest prestigious awards.

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Bart Kwan’s Personal Life

In his personal life, he loves to swim and has the stamina to do it many times a day. He had three pets whose names were Meatloaf, Briggy and Fawn. He had brought them when he was in school and college. He didn’t like to date anyone for a more extended period. He is just heated about being committed to anyone. He had committed to one girl whose girl name was Geovanna Antoinette. He had dated him for about five years in a row. They broke up in the year 2015.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $2 million which he had gained from the Youtube Source of income. He didn’t only have one channel, but he had more than one channel at a time. 

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