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Ben Askren Net Worth

Benjamin Michael Askren was born on the eighteenth of July 1984, and he is a former professional MMA fighter from America and an amateur wrestler. He has been a previous One Welterweight and Bellator Champion. He was undefeated for a decade and then started competing in the UFC. Most people recognize Ben as an accomplished Grapper, and he was the American team member in the 2008 Olympics, and he became the national champion there. He was the Pan American champion in 2005, where he did freestyle wrestling, and he also won the NCAA Division 1 national championship twice. He played for the Missouri Tigers, and he was the second wrestler to secure multiple trophies from Dan Hodge. He also did folkstyle wrestling, which is equivalent to Heisman Trophy. He was playing in submission wrestling and was also a world champion.

Early Life

Askren’s father, Chuck, introduced him to the wrestling sport, but he only took it seriously when he joined a club. He became a WIAA state champion twice during high school, studying at the Arrowhead High situated in Wisconsin. He placed multiple times in US National tournaments on the podium at national levels in freestyle, folkstyle, and Greco-Roman. Askren wrestled at 174 pounds, and his teammates were Tyron Woodley, a former UFC Welterweight Champion, and Michael Chandler, a former Bellator Lightweight Champion. During his sophomore and freshman campaigns, Askren was placed at the BIG twelve conference and the NCAA. He, unfortunately, lost all the championship matches to Chris Pendleton in a standout at Oaklahoma state.

Career Beginning

Ben held the runner-up position for half his career, and then he started shining when he reached his juniors and seniors. He became the third-ever athlete to earn a trophy from Dan Hodge on more than one occasion. He also received an award in both seasons after he set a record of 87-0. He has defeated several champions from the NCAA, such as Keith Gavin and Jake Herbert. He had a legendary run and ended up graduating with a record of 153-8. He has also won a Schalles Award and Dan Hodge Trophies twice. He has also won two championships from NCAA, two championships from Big 12, and 91 pins. He has the third-highest record of pins in the Division 1 history of the NCAA. He is one of the most competent wrestlers of all time, and he has an unorthodox scrambling technique combined with a funky wrestling style.

Personal Life

Ben is a competitive player of Disc Golf, and he finished in the ninth spot in the Amateur World Championships. Discraft sponsors him, and he has also invested in several cryptocurrencies. Askren hosts a few podcasts weekly, such as Flo Wrestling, The Funky and FRB show, and the T Row and Funky Show.

Net Worth

The current approximate and average net worth of Ben Askren is about 500 thousand USD, and he has earned this money from his work in the wrestling world. He also hosts several podcasts and has been involved with several other cryptocurrency endeavors.

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