Benjamin Clementine is a well-recognized British poet and musician. He has attained great popularity among the audience because of his fascinating skills. Although there are various artists, Benjamin has some special talent which has raised his popularity to new heights. The things do not end up here as he has also worked as a producer and offered some amazing albums and tracks to the audience. One thing is clear that he has made a good fanbase because of his amazing voice and creativity and marked his name among top-rated artists of the industry.

Early life

Benjamin firstly landed on the earth on December 7, 1998, in England. He was also raised at the same place by his parents. The worst part about his younghood was that he was homeless from a teenager’s age. He belongs to a middle-class family in Edmonton and also had a very strict grandmother. He was the youngest child of five children and planned to move with his parent after the death of his grandmother. Benjamin was having a good interest in the music field from his childhood days as his brother gifted him a piano when he was just 11 years old. His father always forced him to focus on the law, which was alarmed when he noticed his keen interest in playing different types of musical instruments. There is no detail about his educational qualification, but one thing is clear that he was obsessed with music from an early age.

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Career beginning

 He got failed in school at the age of 16, and this lead to a serious dispute with his family. He left home and moved to Paris. At that time, he was going through financial issues and other mental stress because there was no one to support him. He started playing at the bars and hotels and was sleeping on the streets. He got a chance to record for three studio tracks in June 2013 but didn’t get a great response. Then it was re-launched in October 2013 on one of the online music streaming applications. This was the time when he started getting a response from the audience, which was not at all expected by him. After this time, he was influenced to perform shows and got several opportunities to perform special shows.

Not only this, but Clementine also has a great interest in playing different types of instruments and has influenced a lot of artists.

Personal life

Everyone was aware of the fact that Benjamin is homosexual from a young age. This is why he was bullied several times by the school mates. This made him a very tough person who was very afraid to face anyone in the beginning. He is married to well known British based songwriter and singer named Flo Morrissey. They gave birth to their very first child named Julian Jupiter Richard Sainte on the precious day of Christmas 2017. After two years, a daughter was born by them named Ojai.

Net worth

The net worth of Benjamin Clementine is estimated at approx. Two hundred million, which is because of his poetry profession.

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