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Benjamin Graham is a very intelligent British Born American economist and professor. People recognized him as the Father of Value Investing because of his deep knowledge. Not only economist, but he has also served as an investor. His two very popular texts in investing are Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor. Benjamin has earned huge revenues by investing, and his philosophy was mainly based on investor psychology, minimal debts, and buying the shares with a Margin of Safety. There are many more things which have made him an economist of his generation, and if you get an idea about them, then you will surely get highly impressed.

Early life

Graham firstly opened his eyes on May 9, 1976, as Benjamin Grossbaum in London, England. He belonged to a Jewish family and was a cousin of neuroscientist Ralph Waldo Gerard. When he was one year old, then he moved to New York City with his family. To avoid the anti-Semitic and anti-German sentiments, his family finalized to change their last name from Grossbaum to Graham. They wanted to easily mix up into the American society, and this was the easiest way to do it.

Everything was notal until the death of his father, as the family faced extreme poverty, which influenced Graham to start investing and buying low prices bargains. Graha gave his level best while getting educated as he was remarked as the Salutatorian of his session at Columbia.

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Career beginning

After the completion of his education, he was offered a job as an English, mathematics, and Philosophy teacher. It is because he wanted to do a job on Wall Street. His desire was fulfilled by starting a partnership as a Graham-Newman partnership.

He launched his first book, titled Security analysis with David Dodd, which was launched in 1934. He proposed the full-fledged idea about the investment, which was liked by the huge range of audiences. A huge number of copies of this book were sold, which was a great thing for him. You will be amazed to his book got recognition as “ the best book about investing ever written” by Warren buffet.

Graham is also given recognition as “ Father of value investing” because his two books have made a permanent spot in the investors. Anyone who is not a clear idea about the investment is suggested to go through his books. Not only has he contributed to the investment field, but he has also supported the economic theory. Graham has worked on the currency theory, which he claims has the most important part of his work.

Personal life

According to the sources, Graham had an affair with their deceased girlfriend, Marie Louise, after the death of his son. He used to travel to France to meet her on a routine basis. He was married to Estey and got separated from each other. There is no much detailed idea about the personal life as he has not mentioned it. On September 21, he died in Aix-en-Provence at the age of 82.

Net worth

The net worth of Graham is estimated at $16 million.

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