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Benny Blanco Net Worth

Benjamin Joseph Levin is professionally recognized as Benny Blanco. He is a well-known record producer, record executive, songwriter, and artist based in America. He earned Hal Starlight Award and also the winner of BMI Songwriter award and earned Producer award. Benny donated to the sale of millions of albums across the world, which included the work of artists including The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, Selena Gomez, J Balvin, Tory Lanez, Keith Urban, and many more.

Benny Blanco founded two labels by collaborating with Mad Love Records as well as Friends Keep Secrets and Interscope Records. By collaborating with Khalid and Halsey, he also released a single titled “Eastside.” His single ranked at #9 on Billboard Hot 100, and after “Eastside,” he released more songs, including “Graduation,” “Roses,” “Better to lie,” “I Found You,” and many more.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Benny took birth in 1988 on 8th March in Reston, Virginia. He is Jewish, and at a very young age, he grew his interest in music. He started his career by producing some hip-hop instrumentals and started recording his vocals. He got exposure through his music in 1994 when he released some singles as I Swear and The World is Yours. He was fond of doing experiments with recording himself and making beats on a boombox. Because of his early productions, he earned prominence and gained the concentration of “The Source” and Columbia Records.

He got training under Dr. Luke, and under his tutelage, he co-wrote plenty of songs, including TikTok, Dynamite, and Teenage Dream. Later in 2008, he actively participated in producing and writing “Circus,” After some time, he ranked #3 on Billboard Hot 100. The circus became one of the best-selling songs in the U.S., and there were around 3.2 million downloads done in very little time.

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After working under Dr. Luke, Blanco produced some hits by himself who included Stereo Hearts, Don’t Trust Me, and Moves LikeJagger. Benny attended the 44th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, and he was awarded Hal David Starlight Award. She made a joke in the ceremony, saying that“I’m not the right person to get the award as I’m with people to whom I should serve food.”

Benny collaborated with many record labels and artists to release his songs, and some of his songs gained prominence and ranked on top of Billboard Hot 100.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Benny Blanco, who is a great artist, producer, and writer, is approximately $16 million.

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