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Benny Urquidez Net Worth

Benny Urquidez has a great fan following from all around the world. He achieved plenty of achievements in the course of his life. The thing is that there are a sheer number of people who do not know appropriately about him, and well, here you get to know each and everything related to him. This particular person became one of the most popular and elegant personalities because of his profession and achievements. Another thing is that such a unique and talented personality is regarded as The Jet.

Moreover, the full birth name of benny was Benjamin Gilbert Urquidez. The thing is that he went through various problems in the path of success, and his hard work and dedication make him successful. When it comes to his appearance, then he was tall and handsome and had black eyes. This particular personality was the ultimate choreographer and choreographed plenty of movies. Also, the majority of the folks make him a perfect ideal.

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Who is Benny Urquidez in the eyes of people?

He is the best and influential American martial artist, actor, and stunt choreographer too. Most importantly, he is significantly recognized in the kickboxing field. The amazing fact about him is that he was well trained and professional in martial arts nine disciplines. And those are Judo, White Crane Kung Fu, Shotokan, Jujutsu, Taekwondo, kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Aikido, and American kenpo. Such a well-known personality obtained several titles and was involved in the ‘World Championship’ organized by various martial arts foundations.

In addition, this same personality was the creator of Ukidokan Kickboxing. His initial students were David Lee Roth and John Cusack. In the year 1980s, he appeared in the movie industry. The matter is that he made numerous cameo appearances in his life, which the mainly in movies related to martial arts. You must know with whom he collaborated. Well, he collided with two people, namely Cusack and Jackie Chan, several times. He consistently dedicated as a trainer. Also, he launched plenty of videos and instructional books into the market.

Memorable childhood and early life

When it comes to the date of birth of Benny Urquidez, then here I have mentioned. He was born on June 20, 1952, in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. He was nurtured by his beloved family. Let’s talk about his parent’s profession. Benny’s father was a boxer, and her mother was a wrestler. The nationality of benny is American. Also, Gemini is a sun sign of benny. His height is 5 feet, and 6 inches that the measured value in centimeter is 168. He has a versatile personality like he was an actor, martial artist, and choreographer. He married Sara Urquidez and had one child named Monique Urquidez. 

Besides this, at an early of 5, Benny began competing in “peewee” wrestling and boxing in Los Angeles. Two years later, he started imbibing martial arts under Bill Ryusaki. At the age of 14, he earned his first black belt in the year of 1960.

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