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Berkeley Breathed Net Worth

Berkeley Breathed is born as Guy Berkeley “Berke ” Breathed and is a US-based Cartoonist and an author of kids’ books, besides being a filmmaker and screenwriter. He is known for a number of comic strips for Bloom County, Opus and Outland. He gained popularity after bagging the awards like Pulitzer Prize for things like Editorial Cartooning in the year 1987. He bagged a couple of awards including Inkpot Award, Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning and Golden Duck Award for Excellence to name a few.

Early Life 

He was born in a place called Encino, California, while was brought up in Houston, Texas. He was born on June 21, 1957 and his age at the time of writing this post is 63. He started school attending the known school called Westchester High School based in Houston. He always loved to make cartoons, while his friends and family encouraged him to try his luck in this field becoming sketching and cartooning for children’s books and later headed to try his luck in direction and film production. 

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Career Beginning 

He first published his book when he got hired by an Austin American based group called Statesman to work as a cartoonist for the said newspaper. However, this was a part time job and did not go for long as he was terminated from his job as one cartoon went to make an outrage in the society. Later he shifted to work as a freelancer working on his own. He got the chance to work with a comic group called The Academia Waltz. 

It used to appear in a number of the Daily Texan starting in 1978. He came in touch with this group while studying at the University of Texas. Soon he was able to embark upon the two collections of The Academia Waltz that were self-published and gained his own tuition. In 1980, finally came up with his debut where he got the chance to publish his comics with several characters starting from Academia Waltz along with the frat-boy Steve Dallas.

Some of his early works apart from the Academia Waltz coming for few years, he came up with 

The Academia Waltz: Bowing Out, Loose Tails, Little, Brown & Co., Toons for Our Times, Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things, Little, Brown & Co and many more.

While talking about the kids’ books, he wrote Last Basselope, Red Ranger Came Calling, Goodnight Opus, Little, Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big and many more. Regarding his other work, he is involved in animal rights by associating himself in the group called PETA by remaining part of several campaigns. He was also seen in sharing in the short film called Tim Warner along with other similar movies. 


The American cartoonist has a networth of 5 Million USD. 

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