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Berkley Bedell Net Worth

Berkley Bedell was born as Berkley Warren Bedell and was a US-based politician based in Democratic Party and entrepreneur. He was seen representing the US Representative for his constituency called Iowa during the tenure of 1975 to 1987. He was also the owner of his company called Berkley Fly Co. and was seen running for Congress in the early seventies and later his contender Wiley Mayne was defeated for the same. Later, in 1974 he was seen getting elected at the US-based house. Earlier in 2008, he initially supported Chriss Dodd for the US presidential elections, however, he changed his endorsement to Barack Obama. He passed away on December 7, 2019, at the age of 98 in Naples, Florida, U.S.

Early Life 

He was born on March 5, 1921, in Iowa to the couple Virginia Viola and Walter Berkley Bedell. He completed his schooling at Spirit Lake Public School and later completed his graduation from the aforementioned school in 1939. He started working in the school wherein he used to help his friends in braiding their dog hairs and even used to sell fish flies. He completed his college at Iowa State University and later completed his fellowship from ISU. He wanted something else in his life rather than pursuing the traditional lifestyle, hence he tried a couple of things like jobs and then business and eventually headed to be a politician. 

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Career Beginning 

After he completed college, he got married and had two kids – a son and daughter and later he joined the Army and was seen serving in the US Army working in the position called the first lieutenant along with being the flight trainer. He worked for the duration of three years starting from 1942 to 1945. He was also involved in the fishing business and later focussed on his business after leaving the US Army. Soon his business turned big and then employed a wide range of employees at the global level. By the end of the sixties, he was able to gain big in this industry. 

With a success in his career, he got active in social and political activities by becoming a part of the Spirit Lake Board of Education. In the early seventies, he got involved in active politics in the seventies and started becoming the ardent supporter of Richard Nixon and becoming a part of the republicans. While he was active in the Congress he was seen holding the reps of the democracy and later thought about what to be done next.

While remaining a part of politics, he raised his voice for different issues including the Waterway usage fees, Farming issues, Investigations of large businesses, and Disagreement with Reagan to name a few. In the early eighties, he was found out with some violations in his company Berkley and Co. He was dragged into the matter of some custom violations, however, he denied the same, and the charges against him were not proven before anyone that made him get reelected for the story. 

Net Worth 

The former US politician and businessman had a Net worth of USD 14 Million.

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