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Bernadette Cooper Net Worth

Bernadette Cooper was a known recording artist, musician, composer, producer, entertainer and even the original creator. The lady was also known for writing for her band and others. She started writing music along with producing for a few artists in the mid-eighties. Some of her popular music pieces include Cheryl Lynn, Mazarati and Shalamar, Madame X. Her association with the US based all-female pop band called Klymaxx in LA, California has been well known. Besides Cooper, the band had ladies including Lorena Porter Shelby, Joyce, Cheryl Cooley, Lynn Malsby and RobbinGrider “Fenderella” Irby. She remained active in the band for years before she disappeared in the early nineties. 

Early Life 

Bernadette Cooper was born in Los Angeles, California, USA in November 1958. Her early days have remained active in school apart from music and singing. She participated in concerts and shows during her school days and later after completing her high school and university, she continued with it working as a musician and singer and later she formed her band called Klymaxx and her association remained for a while before she disappeared from it. 

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Career Beginning 

It was in 1979 when we saw the lady founding her band called Klymaxx, however, she made sure to narrow down the band to only six girls and soon it became popular in her place. Her uniqueness of creating a ladies based band worked and it did create a good buzz around allowing her to become popular in her place. Her comical and woman centric themes in her band became a big hit giving them the chance to flourish in the society. She had different roles to play but basically Cooper was a vocalist in it. 

She had a great impact of hearing past generation musicians and vocalists like Lynn Collins and others and thus one can find most of the work of her band had the mission to revive the old stuff in a new way that went on to sell like hot cakes. Some of her works include I Look Good, The Entity Sexy, I am Missing You, Man Size Love, The Body Beautiful, Female, Let’s Be Discreet, New Dress Project, My Own Backyard, Feeling Good, looking Gorgeous, Remix Under, She Wanted, Saga of A Man, Silly, Beat my Face and She Wanted, Female, and many more.

She also worked in films and some of these include The Best Man Holding, Video – I look Good, Video – Two Wrong Foo the Body, Fatal Beauty, music contribution, True Identity, The Staggers Wife, Theme Song – Action Jackson, Band Video, The Joan River Show, Video I Look Good, Video The Men All Pause, Video Meeting in the Ladies Room, Video I Miss You, Video Main Size Love, Video Sexy, My Own Backyard, Soul Train, Unsung, Video Soul, Soul With Teena, and others. She then disappeared out of the blue from stardom and later was noticed residing in Jersey City near New Jersey and now she is engaged in her vintage clothing business. She has a store for the same. 

Net Worth 

The former recording artist, musician, and composer was estimated to calculate the net worth as 14 M USD.

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