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The music is really something very which connects people to their soul. It is why all people have an interest in different types of music. It is only because of talented singers; one is able to new and fresh tracks on a regular basis. Today we will talk about a very legendry English musician named Bernard Butler. He is multiple talented personalities who also serves as a songwriter and record producer. The people are highly impressed by his impressive tracks and albums because of his distinctive voice. If you have not yet heard the songs offered by him, then you are really missing to explore the talent of a very fantastic artist.

Early life

Butler was born on May 1, 1970, in Stoke Newington of London, England. He was the youngest among his two more brothers. There is no clear idea about the parents of the Butler, but one thing is clear he had peer pressure from his early days. But his father worked for 30 years in ever ready company before getting died due to cancer. For pursuing education, Butler was admitted to one of the Strict Jesuit schools, which was located in Enfield. He used to carry a rifle in the march ground at this school. But his dedication towards the music forced him to pick up the violin at that time. Butler was fond of listening to the tapes of bands like Smith and News orders because he was able to acquire sound knowledge from them.

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Career beginnings

After completing the studies, he started trying to get work in the field of music, but he was not successful. He did not give and tried utilizing his efforts until getting any response. Butler got his first break when he served as guitarist with suede in 1992. Immediately he was also offered a deal of partnership with Brett Anderson. He played guitar and co-worked with him till 1994. After he decided to leave suede, even it got great recognition and was honored by the mercury music prize.

Then he planned to form a duo with McAlmont. They both launched two singles named “Yes” and “You do.” It was not liked by the audience at the level that was expected by them. Finally, their collaboration came to an end with the launch of the last track named The Sound of McAlmont and Butler. Then Butler launched two albums titled People Move on and Friends and Lover, which got a tremendous response from the users. From this time, a success as he launched various singles in line.2001 was the year when he re collaborated with McAlmont and toured the UK after launching two more duo singles.

You will be surprised to know that Butler has got a chance to work in the production of leading producers named Aimee Mann, Edwyn Collins, and many more.

Personal life

Butler met the love of his life Elisa when they were both studying at the Queen Mary College. They both seem to be very young when they tied a knot in 1994. He had a two-month son at that time.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Bernard Butler is reported at $ 8 million at the present time.

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