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Bernard Goldberg Net Worth

Bernard Golberg is an American-based author as well as a journalist who is known for his fascinating way of performing his job. He has always been an active person and was able to offer unique content to his potential audience. The main break which offered a special recognition among the crowd is when he got a chance to work in the CBS news. You will be surprised to know that he has provided his quality-based service to this news for almost 28 years which is really a very long time. His life story is fascinating, and you can get a full-fledged idea about it by going through the details mentioned below.

Early life

Goldberg was born on May 31, 1945, in New York City. He was also raised in New York City. There is no information regarding his parents and family background as he has not mentioned it anywhere. He had graduated from the Rutgers University in 1967. From the early days, he was interested in going through the novels and desired to publish his own book.

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Career beginning

He started his career by working as the producer of CBS News in Atlanta. He continued his job over there for almost two years in a row. In 1994, he was assigned the role of reporter and then correspondent in 1976. He has a significant contribution to the CBS news channel as he hosted two documentaries named ‘Don’t Blame me’ and ‘In Your Face, America.’ He got great recognition from this channel.

In 2001, Goldberg published his first book named Bias: A CBS insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News. Surprisingly, it got a great response from the audience and even took the title of best sellers of America. This motivated him to publish more books, and he launched the second book in 2003 and the third one in 2005. There was productive praise of his third book, and even it was highly demanded in the overseas area. The best thing is that this book was loved by anyone who caught its attention.

For excellent performance in Journalism, he has been honored with the Emmy award 14 times which was a really outstanding achievement. In 2002, he investigated corrupted Major League Baseball practices and won a sports Emmy award for great Journalism. There are several sports Emmy booked on the name of Goldberg because of his outstanding journalism.

Personal life

Bernard Goldberg got married to Nancy Soloman, who is a former journalist and producer of CBS news. She is a very kind lady who also has a recognition of a licensed Mental health Counsellor. They have been an excellent support for each other even in their career of journalism. They have two children named Brian and Catherine. He has always been very supportive to his wife as well as kids and has been noticed several times while encouraging his wife.

Net worth

The net worth of Bernard Goldberg is estimated at $5 million, which is through his journalism and pundit profession.

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