Bernard Sofronski is a successful Theatrical producer and is a well-renowned face in the Entertainment industry. He has worked in numerous popular and immensely successful movies and TV shows throughout his career. Golden Globe Awards and The Tony Awards are two of the most prestigious awards in the TV industry and every artist dream to win one of those at least once in his career. There are very few people who know that Bernard played a crucial role in introducing these TV Awards ceremonies in the industry and make them reach the level where they are at the present. Almost every artist in the TV industry respects Bernard from deep in their heart. He was also appointed as the senior vice president and the creative heard of the CBS feature films.

Early life 

Bernard was born in Coatesville, Philadelphia in the year 1940. From his childhood, he was interested in the entertainment industry and wanted to build a career in the same. While he was studying in school, he participated in several school plays and it made him decide that he should try to build a career in acting. He worked as a radio personality and DJ at the age of 19 and later he joined the acclaimed Actors Studio.

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Career beginning 

Bernard embarked on his career by working as an associate producer for the Tomorrow which was a show of the CBS network. He was one of the first persons to introduce the idea of the Tony Awards and Golden Globe Awards. He has also worked as a supervisor for several TV broadcasts such as Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, etc. He is also one of the most successful producers in the American TV industry. He worked as the senior vice president and creative head at the CNS feature films and spent most of his life producing TV shows and films. He also produced the popular NBC series; Another World, ABC series; Napolean and Josephine: A Love Story, and ‘Queen’ created by CBS. The drama kiss of the Spider Woman which was released in 1985 was also produced by him.

He has produced some of the highly successful TV movies too such as Murder in Greenwich, Blue Moon, Harvest of Fire, Almost Garden, etc. Bernard produced an amazing love story titled; When You Remember Me and it was aired on ABC. He is one of the most talented, hard-working, and dedicated professionals in the entertainment industry, and his outstanding work got him nominated for the Emmy Awards three times. He has also won the George Foster Peabody Awards two times.

Personal life 

Bernard got married to Susan Hallock Dey on 20th February 1988 and they are believed to be one of the most successful couples in Hollywood. They both got hitched in a private wedding ceremony which involved only close friends and relatives. They have been married for over 30 years but still, love each other to death. The couple doesn’t have any children till now.

Net Worth 

Bernard has been in the Entertainment industry for several danced and has earned a net worth of $4 million.

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