Bernie Dancel Net Worth

Bernie Dancel, real name BernaldoDancel was born in 1973, and he is the CEO of Nava health and Vital Centre. He is one of the successful entrepreneurs who have been offering a growing business, executive teams and many other services. He is a 48-year Strategy thought leader who offers services to renowned companies like Amerix Corporation and many more.

The speciality of Bernie is building executive team, decision making and growing business. He has offered his services to many companies and has always brought out fruitful outcomes. However, there were plenty of ups and downs in his personal life as he was divorced from his wife at a very young and had a lot of burden on his shoulder.

Early life

Bernie Dancel was short of education. He only completed one year of his college at the University of Delaware and later shifted towards the military to pay out the expenses. As mentioned ahead, he was divorced at the age of 23, and the settlement of divorce put a deep cut on his wallet. He was out of funds, moreover surrounded by bankruptcy. However, after few years managed to enter the ground as a financial consultant and manager; in the meantime, he learned a lot of stuff and aspects related to the market.

Bernie worked up with the contradictions as he decided to manage the financial conditions of the lower middle class and upper-middle-class families. Without compromising with the quality, he managed to perform phenomenally.

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Beginning of his mainstream career

After growing enormously, Bernie took one step forward by taking part in the credit counselling business. Bernie failed miserably in the first few months and was not able to generate huge revenues; moreover, he decided to quit the career. But he was not able to take that crucial step, and this changed the life of Bernie Dancel.

The new married couple helped each other with funds, and Bernie opened a store by just himself. After a struggle of few years, the single-handed show transformed into a huge firm named Genus Credit management. It was the only company in the field that had a turnover of almost 100 million dollars. To make their company more efficient and accessible, they took some smart steps like properly advertising their services.

There were a few innovative tactics adopted by the Genus Credit management, like the existence of a customer care staff 24*7. You might be shocked by the fact, but, yes the customer care was available throughout the day to help you with your issues.

Bernie dance established a company named CareOne services Inc, and it was developed to advertise and market the individual brand at the very same time. CareOne is one of the most renowned credit counselling company in today’s time as the company allows you to settle for loans and bankruptcy issues. CareOne is a more convenient credit counselling company in contrast to other traditional companies and methods, as they analyze reports of each customer in detail and then bring out a solution.

Net worth

According to proficient analysts and researchers, the net worth of Bernie dancel is estimated to be $205,800.

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