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Bernie Kopell Net Worth

Bernie Kopell, full name Bernard Morton Kopell was born on the 21st of June in 1933. Bernie is a professional character actor who has been working tremendously for the American film industry for many years. However, the marriage and love life of the actor have been a bit controversial in the past as he married three different heroines in the past. Over the 87 years, old American actor has amazed everyone with the great acting skills in his career.

He is primarily known for his roles in getting smart, it was a television series, and the character lasted for three years in the series. Later the career of Bernie Kopell was unstoppable as he consistently appeared in television shows, movies and documentaries after his debut.

Early life 

Bernie Kopell was born on the 21st of June in 1933 in New York; his father name is AI Bernard Kopell, and his mother is named Pauline. The fact might amaze you that he served for the US civil services, Kopell was a part of the US navy, but he hesitated to disclose his passion for acting. Bernie completed his primary education at Erasmus High, and later, he shifted to New York for higher studies. He completed his degree in bachelor of fine arts in the year 1955

During his services in the US navy forces, he travelled to tons of countries, and some of the most visited countries were Europe and Italy. The time his duty ended in the navy, he again moved to New York.

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Beginning of career

There are thousands of interesting facts about the career Kopell and one of the most interesting facts about his career is that he worked as a cab driver in Los Angeles. He acquired his acting debut scene while driving the cab only. Kopell picked a passenger named Dick Einfled, the passenger was a producer, and he was considering producing the Oregon Tail; that is where is got his entry into the film industry.

The actor performed his television debut in the year 1961 in the CBS daily soap named the Brighter day. The duration of his role was approximately two months, 28 days. The session 1960-70 was the golden form of his career as he got signed by many producers of different television shows. At that time, he appeared consistently in tons of shows, and some of the most memorable roles of his career were in the movie and television shows like My favourite Martian, Room 222, The Flying Nun and many others.

As mentioned ahead, the marriage life of the actor has been a bit controversial as he married three heroines in his life. The first women he married was Celia Whitney, and later, he married the actress named YolondaVeloz, and at last, he married the actress named Catrina Hollande. The beautiful couple has two sons Adam and Josh. Bernie married Catrina in the year 1997

Net worth

The net worth of the American character actor Bernie Kopell is 3 million dollars.

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