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Bernie Mac, full name Bernard Jeffery McCullough was born on the 5th of October in 1957. He was a professional actor and voice artist who made everyone laugh through his comedy timing and acting skills. Unfortunately, the actor died on the 9th of August 2008 due to cardiac arrest as he was operated on unsuccessfully by the doctors of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Bernie introduced the trend of standup comedy to the worldwide audience, and he was primarily known for his funny jokes and funny impressions. 

The comedian performed tons of cameos in thousands of films, and there were few films in which he had the primary roles. The notable aspect of his career was an eponymous show in which annihilated his competition single-handedly. Moreover, he was nominated for the renowned awards and unfortunately failed to grab those awards.

Early life 

Bernard Jeffery McCullough was born on 5ht of October in 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. His father name was Jeffery Harrison, and his mother name was Mary McCullough. The actor completed his primary schooling at the Chicago High School. Unfortunately, he was raised by his mother only, and she died due to cancer. He had one elder brother with which had immense affection, but unfortunately, his whole family died. Few years after the demise of his mother, Bernie’s brother and father passed away.

Bernard was the lone surviving member of his family, and it was pretty complicated for him to live alone. He married a girl named Rhonda Gore in 1975, and she gave birth to a beautiful girl child in the year 1977.

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Beginning of the career

Mac decided to pursue his passion as a full-time professional bit late; he often listened to some renowned standup comedians. Later he decided to participate in domestic land-based comedy shows. Bernie Mac had a unique talent for making different voice impressions, and this one of the most prominent reasons he stood out among other standup comedians in the field. He won a domestic comedy club competition named Miller lite comedy Search in Chicago. 

In no time, Bernie mac was one of the most popular standup comedians as he introduced the concept of standup comedy internationally. He performed on major stages like HBO, and this was the most crucial phase of his career. He fixed the limelight on himself by displaying his actual skills and making different voice impressions.

Later he began to make cameos on the big screen. He first cameo in the house party, which was premiered in 1994. However, the breakthrough year for Mac was 1995 as he got his first major role in the movie named Ice cube. After the huge appreciation of his role, he got some major deals of his career and impressed everyone with his skills of comedy and acting at the very same time. Rather than just being a positive actor and comedian. Mac played the role of villain in a movie named Bad Santa, and he astonished everyone with his versatility. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Bernie mac is $15 million.

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