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Bernie Moreno Net worth

Bernie Moreno was born in Columbia in a place named Bogota. He later moved to the United States with his family, and he was just five years at the time of immigration, and that is why it was not that complicated for him to adapt to the environment of the United States. There are plenty of records in the automobile market and sales that are set up by Bernie Moreno. Due to the exceptional skillsets and great interest in the automobile market, he grabbed the attention of renowned automobile companies such a Mercedes 

After his long time struggle, Bernie got a bolt from the blue when he received a call from Mercedes Company, and he got the dealership of Mercedes Company at the age of 38. Moreover, he received tons of awards from the Mercedes firm as the best dealer. 

Early life

Bernie was born in Columbia, and later his family moved to the United States to attain great heights in business. Moreover, he adapted himself to the environment of the United States as he was quite young at the time of migration. Bernie Moreno got the green card of the United States at the age of 18. He found himself comfortable at the University of Michigan, as the university was at walking distance from the automobile market.

Bernie Completed his graduation from the University of Michigan, and he pursued the course bachelors of business administration. He was quite passionate about the automobile industry and always wanted to be a major part of the field. He wrote a letter to the higher authorities of the motor industry offering suggestions to make the field much better, and this was the first step that he took to enter the industry. 

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Beginning of the career and achievements

As mentioned ahead, the first step of Bernie Moreno was his first letter to the higher authorities of the motor and sale industries. After his bachelor’s, he got his first job in a firm named Saturn Corporation; due to his impressive performance in the Saturn Corporation, he was signed as the Vice president of the largest motor corporation in England. 

The major breakthrough of his career was when he received an offer from the Mercedes Benz company of the dealership in Cleveland. In no time, he did wonders with the sales of Mercedes Benz as he brought the sales from 20 units per month to 120 unit per month in no time, that is one of the most prominent reasons he received awards as the best seller from the Mercedes Benz for ten consecutive years.

Bernie Moreno acquired the dealership of Mercedes Benz at the age of 38, and he was having the dealership of Benz only at that time. Now he is having a dealership of 15 companies in different regions. Moreover, he has four beloved children. The company of Bernie Moreno consists of 900 employees, and there are few branches of the company in some countries.

Net worth

The net worth of Bernie Moreno includes a bungalow worth $2.5 million. 

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