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Bernie Parent Net Worth

Bernie Parent, full name Bernard Marcel Parent, was born on the 3rd of April in 1945, also known as Bernie. He is a former international ice hockey goaltender who has been serving the nation, Canada, for many years. Bernie Parent is one of the most disciplined and honored goaltenders in the history of Ice hockey. The ice hockey career of Bernie Parent is quite fascinating as he played 13 seasons of NHL in his entire career.

The session 1973-1975 was the golden form of Bernie Parent as he performed consistently throughout these years. Bernie is known as one of the most renowned goaltenders due to his extreme skillsets and respect for the game. Even after few years of his retirement, he kept appearing in the top 100 players list of the National Hockey league.

Early life

The Parent was born on the 3rd of April in 1945 in a city named Montreal in Canada. Moreover, he has six siblings, and he is the youngest of them all. The player was quite passionate about the sport from a very young age. Bernie was not proficient in English. That is why even after his enormous success and consistent phenomenal performance, he refused to give interviews to renowned interviewers.

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Beginning of career

Bernie Parent started his ice hockey career representing the team Boston Burns, and he consistently appeared in 35-40 matches in the whole session. The debut session of Parent was 1965-66, and he always performed throughout the session. With the assistance of his many performances, he managed to grab the attention of the Philadelphia Flyers. Philadelphia Flyers signed the player for the national hockey league of 1967.

National hockey league of 1967 was the breakthrough year for the Parent as he appeared regularly in every match he played. A player named Favell used to be the primary goaltender of the flyers, but due to some prominent reasons, Favell was replaced by Parent, and in no time, Bernie was the primary goalie of the Flyers.

Later due to some personal reasons, he was acquired by the Leafs, and he played for the Leafs for just two years. In 1973 he was signed by the franchise Miami Screaming Eagles, but due to some misunderstanding between the management, Parent left the team and returned to the National hockey league. He returned to the Flyers in the year 1973, and he managed to perform really well in the upcoming seasons.

Everyone was astonished by the performance of the Parent in those matches, but unfortunately, he confronted an eye injury. He’s lost his complete eyesight for two weeks and later recovered his sight, but the vision was not suitable for rough sport. After an early termination of his career, he was addicted to alcohol but later turned out to sober after few years of addiction. In 2012 he made a cameo appearance in the NHL match.

Net worth 

According to recent reports and proficient analyst net worth of Bernie Parent is somewhere between $1 million – $5 million.

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