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Bernt Bodal Net Worth

Bernt Bodal is a Norwegian-American businessman that has worked hard and built his fishing empire. His biggest motivators are his parents, and he established his fishing empire because of his parents’ connections in the fishing business.

Early Life

Bernt Bodal was born in 1953 on 14th June in Norway. He is of Norwegian-American nationality. Currently, Bernt is living in Seattle, Washington. His mother was a Lofoten native, and his father was a conductor and had two brothers named Havard and Anders. His father divorced his mother and again married Solbjorg Bodal, and he lived in his teens with his father and step-mother.

At a very young age, Bernt wanted to be a musician, but because of his parent’s connection, he was forced to set up a fishing empire, and therefore, he paused his passion, but he didn’t let his love die. In his teenage, he, along with some musicians, formed a band named Host and released many albums. Bernt also got the opportunity to perform along with many famous musicians named Roger Daltrey and Sammy Hagar.

He left his music career, but he still has many fans and many people follow him on social media accounts. His fans say that he is still an expert in his passion.

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Career Beginnings

At first, Bernt started doing a job on the boat as a deckhand and working his got U.S citizenship. In one of his interviews, he told about his journey in which he said that by working at the boat, he became captain only after a year of working. He spent more than a decade fishing in different parts of the world and especially in Alaska. By working for around 13 years, he became the owner of the trawler. After that, in 1990, he united with American Seafoods first as a partner and later became president in 1994 of the seafood company.

By becoming president at American Seafoods, he got the right to buy Norwegian owners’ company; Norwegian owned the company. He bought the company and owned around 67% of the American Seafoods company. Day by day, by working hard, American Seafoods became a minority partner at the company, and he later grew two ships into multiple ships and became CEO of the company.

Personal Life

Bernt married Elisabeth Bodal in July 1978. She lives at a place from where Bernt’s mother was from. The couple met at Lofoten when they used to visit their relatives. They started living in the U.S in 1978, and Elisabeth gave birth to a son named Thomas Tom Bodal in 1979. She gave birth to two more kids named Ellen Bodal and Alex Olav Bodal. Before Elisabeth, Bernt divorced from his wife, with whom he was married for more than five years. Elisabeth filed for divorce in 2020, but the outcome of a divorce is still pending.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this American businessman and musician is approximately $200 million. He earns his salary from his seafood companies and also by performing with many musicians and producing music.

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