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Bert Wolstein is a high-end American real estate developer and also a proud owner of the sports team owner. The real name of Wolstein is Bertram Leonard Wolstein, who was born on February 23, 1927. He has made several achievements in his life that have made him capable of earning such enormous recognition at the global level. You will be surprised to know that he is also known as the founder of Developers Diversified Realty Corporation, which is currently recognized as The Site center. There are lots of unheard facts about Bert, which must be in the knowledge of everyone who is influenced by this personality.

Early life

Bert was born in a Jewish family in the East Cleveland region of Ohio. He was born to Joseph Wolstein and Sarah Wolstein, who were immigrants that belong to Russian Empire. He was having one sister named Malverne. There is no idea about the job profile of his father, but his mother is working in clerical jobs in one of the General Accounting Office. He was raised in East Cleveland, and his family got shifted to a duplex in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

If we talk about the education of Wolstein, he attended several schools such as Parkwood elementary school, Boulevard elementary school, and then Roosevelt junior high school. 1945 was the year when he graduated from Cleveland Heights High school. This made him eligible to get listed in the US navy. Later he was enrolled in the accounting program at Cleveland college. He graduated Cum Laude and was in 7th rank in class in the year 1953.

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Career beginning

Rather than starting a job in the field of law, he decided to step into real estate development. For this, he moved to L&J development and was offered the job for the development of a couple of suburban housing projects. During this period, he contributed to building the first shopping center, which was his project. Along with focusing on real estate projects, he also practiced the law at the same time. He was very successful in real estate as he developed several firms with Wilbur J. Hortwiz, who was his insurance agent. Their firm faced various financial crises in the beginning because of no funds and high debts due to low sales of their housing projects. Things become normal after some time when he decided to start focusing on real estate solely and named his development Heritage Hill.

Personal life

Bert Wolstein was married to Iris Shur Wolstein. They firstly met Bert was playing football, and his ball landed in front of Iris. The couple fell in love at first sight with each other and tied a knot in September 1948. They had two children named Cheryl and Scott. In many of the interviews, he had claimed that he was enjoying a very fruitful life with his family and was highly satisfied by his achievements. Although he was recognized as Bart by his friends from childhood day, he changed his name to Berta in 1948. Unfortunately, he died on May 17, 2004, due to a heart attack.

Net worth

The net worth of Bert Wolstein is estimated at $3.4 million, as the rest was donated as a charity by his wife.

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