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Bertie Higgins Net Worth

There is no doubt in the statement that America is a land of multi-talented personalities. The amazing part is that every artist has their unique style of singing, which makes them special for all types of audiences. Here we will talk about Bertie Higgins, who is America based singer and songwriter. In the beginning, he did not get a good response, but as time changed, his albums were liked by people all around the world. You will be amazed to know that his several songs marked their space on the billboard, which was a desire of every artist at that time.

Early life

Bertie Higgins firstly opened his eyes on December 8, 1944, in Tarpon Springs, Florida of the United States. He was raised in Florida only and belonged to the Portuguese, Irish and German Descent. There is no information as to whom he was born and the place where he was raised. Some of the sources depicted that he had a very simple childhood. He seems to be a well-educated person as he attended the Tarpon High School for graduation. For getting a degree in journalism, he got enrolled in St. Petersburg College and also studied fine arts.

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Career beginning

Higgins commenced his career as the sponge diver and stepped into the show business as a ventriloquist at the age of 12. At a very young age, he made numerous achievements by winning prizes at the local contests and also earned good recognition at school assemblies of Tampa Bay. At the end of various performances, he claimed that he is associated with one of the legendry German poets known as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He then joined as the drummer for a well-known band named Tommy Roe and The Romans.

Higgins moved to Atlanta in 1980 and got a chance to have a meet with Sonny Limbo. At that time, he was working on the song named failed romance and offered its rough version to Lower and Limbo. They were very supportive of him as they improved the lyrics and renamed the song “Key Largo.” A newly launched distribution company named Kat Family Records worked on his song named “Master.” After this time, he started getting a good response and launched several songs, which made him earn a lot of success within a very short time.

After this, he and his band toured around the globe, which made him earn good fame and reached heights of success. You will be amazed to know that he has served as the Board of governors of the Atlanta chapter of the Academy of recording arts and sciences. Even he has also made plenty of appearances on the Las Vegas strip.

Personal life

Bertie Higgins was married to Bertie, who was 30 years old at that time. She used to be a great motivation for Bertie Higgin until they got separated. But after some time, they reunited and finally got married in Tarpon Springs.

Net Worth

The net worth of Bertie Higgins is estimated at $5 million.

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