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If you are a person who loves to listen to music on every type of occasion, then you would surely have listened to American music. `The American music is full of super talented artists who are specialized in offering a fantastic variety of music to the audience. Bessie Smith is one of the well-recognized artists who got her identity as an American blues singer. She has some exceptional talent which has made her the top singers of her era. If you are not having any idea about this music sensational, then you should pay attention to these points mentioned below.

Early life

Bessie took her first breath on April 14, 1894, in Chattanooga, Tennesse. She was born to Laura and William Smith, but her parents and brother died when she was too young. She used to live with her siblings and perform on the street corner to earn their livings. The census of 1910 indicated that her age is 16 years old, and her birth date was correct and used for the documentation purpose. It was the census that also provided information about three old siblings, but it has not been confirmed yet in reality as no one has seen them. It is confirmed that Bessie had a very dark childhood and has faced severe poverty at that time.

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It was her oldest brother who worked hard and set up an audition for her with troupe managers. Surprisingly, she was assigned as the dancer by them because they had already cast Ma Rainey as a vocalist. It was 1913 when she started to develop her theatre act, which was titled “81”. In the seven years, she was able to make a good recognition because of her super fantastic talent. You will be amazed to know that more than 100000 copies of crazy blues were sold over that time. There was no expectation of such a tremendous response, but it turned out to be positive, which was an excellent thing for blues singers.

She signed to Columbia records in 1923 because Frank Walker was highly impressed by the fantastic work which he was observing for many years. Most of her records with Columbia records were issued on the A-series, and they were extremely hit. From this time, she started gaining good limelight and was only a headliner of Theatre owners Booking Association circuit. The data revealed that her hard work and participation in different projects made her earn an achievement of highest-paid black entertainer of the decade. The best part is that women were more obsessed with his songs because they were mainly based on independence, sexual freedom, fearlessness which were severe topics of concern at that moment.

Personal life

In 1923, Smith met Jack gee, who was a security guard. They got married on June 7 of 1923, after the successful launch of her first album. She was soon among the top-rated artist of the decade and was enjoying her success with his husband. Unfortunately, they got separated when Smith gets an idea about his relationship with another woman. It was a Smith who ended a relationship. She then entered into a law marriage with Richard Morgan and stayed with him until she dies of automobile Collison.

Net worth

The net worth of Bessie Smith is estimated at $39 million.

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