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Beth Toussaint Net Worth

Beth Toussaint is an Actress who has worked in different movies. But the role which brought her into the Limelight was the role of Ishara Yar in the blockbuster movie; ‘Start Trek: The Next Generation fourth season. She was seen in the fourth episode of the season, named ‘legacy.’ She was suggested by the director, Robert Scheerer, for the role of Ishara Yar. The director had worked with Beth in an episode of the Series Matlock. Her popularity from the ‘Legacy’ can be understood from the fact that the costumes that she wore in that series were put up for an auction on eBay and were sold for a good amount.

Early life 

Beth Toussaint was born on 25th September 1962 to Leona and Maynard Toussaint. Beth has a younger brother, David Toussaint, who works as a writer and theatre critic. She went to Brian Reese Studios to study acting and learned the art from expert coaches like Lilyan Chauvin and Diana Bellamy.

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Career beginning 

Beth started her career with music videos of artists such as Bob Seger, Pete Cetera, Bon Jovi, SAGA, etc. Her film career embarked in the year 1987 with the film named; Berserker. It gave her a much-needed start in her career, and she started getting roles in several movies after it, such as Dead Heat in 1988, Monsters in 1988. She also played the role of Tracey Lawton in the 12th season of Dallas. Seeing her work in Dallas, she was invited to play a guest role in few episodes of ‘Growing Pains’ and Booker in 1989. She was also seen in an episode of Matlock in the 1990s. After that, she worked in several TV shows and movies such as 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Mann & Machine, Melrose Place, and The Commish in 1993.

In 1991, she played the character of Charlene in ‘Blackmail’ which was a huge success. Beth was also seen in the horror film Danger Island which was released in 1992. She was also a part of the drama series; Savannah between the years spanned of 1996 to 1997 and worked with Ray Wise in it. She gave birth to her daughter in 1999, and after that, her professional life got affected to a great extent. She started working less as se voice acted in Scream 3 in the year 2000. In the 2000s, she regularly appeared in most award shows, such as Emmy Awards, in which she was nominated in several categories for TV series; ‘Heroes.’ She was also seen at the Star Trek premiere in 2003 with her husband.

Personal life 

The personal life of Beth Toussaint is quite simple, which is quite rare amongst popular TV actresses. She married Jack Coleman in the year 1996 and also changed her name after the marriage to Beth Toussaint Coleman. The couple welcomed a girl in the year 1999.

Net Worth 

According to some reports, the net worth of Beth Toussaint must be near about $10 million.

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