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Beto Perez Net Worth

Beto Perez is a Columbian businessman, dancer, Zumba teacher, and choreographer. Beto created Zumba, which is now popular all over the world and is loved by all fitness enthusiasts. It is a combination of aerobic exercise and dance, which involves some music. It is a perfect and highly enjoyable form of workout as it involves lunges, jumping jacks, squats, martial arts moves, and a wide range of aerobic techniques. Zumba is now a world-famous dance form, and most people knew about it, but most of them don’t know about its creator. So, if you want to learn more about the founder of Zumba, Beto Perez, you can read the following paragraphs and take a peek into his life and career.

Early life

Beto’s full name is Alberto Beto Perez. He was born in Cali, California, on 15th March 1970. He was raised by a single mother who faced a lot of struggled to support her family. Beto himself worked on three different jobs since he was 14 years old as he wanted to support her mother. His real passion was dancing, but he couldn’t afford dance classes as he didn’t have much money at that time. He participated in a national Lambada contest held in Colombia and won it. Then he was invited to join one of the best dance academies in Cali, where he also gave step aerobics lessons in return.

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Career beginning 

Beto shifted to Miami, Florida, in 1999. He was still teaching aerobics, but along with that, he was also putting in efforts to make her dance and fitness routine with music popular as he presented it in different events and venues. In the year 2011, he asked Brenda Anderson, who was the fitness director at Williams Island, to promote his dance fitness routine in one of their classes. After a few of his Zuma routine workshops, the DVDs of his routine started selling out, and it started gaining attention from all over the world. Following the increasing popularity, Beto started the Zumba Fitness LLC in 2006. It is an organization that sells produces and videos related to Zumba.

Currently, it has over 200 employees and over 14 million people in 185 different countries dance and exercise on the Zumba music and programs provided by the company. Beto has also launched a fashion line known as Zumbawear, which provides people with several pieces of clothing that can be worn during Zumba. It has produced for all genders, ager groups such as seniors, kids, mothers, men, etc. His company also offers different instruction programs that are used in different tourist venues, schools, youth activity centers, community centers, etc.

Personal life 

There is not much information available about Beto’s personal life. He is 50 years old, and recently, he announced the birth of her daughter, Antonella Perez, on social media. She was born on 11th January 2020.

Net worth 

Beto Perez is one of the most successful fitness experts and is credited to be the founder of Zumba. His net worth is estimated to be a whopping $30 million.

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