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Betsy Sodaro Net Worth

Betsy Sodaro was born on the 10th of June in the year 1984; Betsy is a professional actress and writer. Sodaro hails from America and is serving the Hollywood film industry for almost a decade. Betsy Sodaro performed her debut in television, portraying various roles in a show named ‘This show will get you high’. After two years, Betsy Sodaro was noticed in Animal practice as Angela.

Betsy Sodaro is a part of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Dorado is immensely famous for the comedy programs like Nailed it. The 36-year-old actress is equipped with phenomenal comic timing and an all-embracing sense of humor. Betsy has a unique talent for making different voice impressions which is one of the prominent reasons Betsy has given voices to few cartoon series.

Early age 

Betsy Sodaro, commonly called Betsy, was born on the 10th of June in the year 1984 in Breckenridge, Colorado, United States of America. Betsy completed her primary schooling in the Colorado high school. Betsy’s passion for acting and writing made them choose the program of theatre and communications. To pursue her passion as a full-time professional, Betsy participated in few domestic comedy free tables. 

To amplify her comedy and acting skills, she moved to Los Angeles and became a pile of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. The birth sign of Betsy is Gemini, the social media handle of Betsy is Betsy Sodaro

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Beginning of career 

Betsy Sodaro is popularly known for her voice impression as she is majorly a voice artist. Betsy performed her debut in the filmography for making external voices in a movie named Monsters University. Sodaro is widely noticed making frequent cameos in renowned comedy series and television shows like Comedy Bang Bang. 

Sodaro appeared in a podcast named improve four humans quite a few times. Rather than just being a guest of improving four humans, Betsy Sodaro appeared in several other podcasts like Hollywood Handbook, The Hooray Show with Horatio, Comedy Bang Bang. Moreover, Betsy also made a cameo appearance on the most popular OTT platform Netflix featuring along with Kathy bates.

Sodar has been cast in 10 movies till now, and the name of these movies are as follows, Monsters University, The To-Do List, Plus One, Valley Girl, An American Pickel, Hubie Halloween, Trolls World Tour, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get far on foot, Nextgen. The last movie Betsy was cast in was Hubie Halloween, portraying the character of Bunny.

Betsy Sodar has rendered voice impression in several animated series like All Hail King Julien, Right Now Kapow, plant voice to the renowned label of Warner Bros, and many others. Moreover, she was also featured in a short film named Mushroom Park. Betsy is now cast in a television show named Duncanville, portraying Bex.

Net Worth

Betsy Sodaro is a renowned comedian and actress; moreover, she had made some successful appearances in some of the shows like nailed it, animal practice, and many others. The net worth of this aspiring comedian is 700,000 dollars.

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