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Big Cass, real name William Morrisey was born on the 16th of august in 1986. Big cassis, a 34 years former professional wrestler, subjected to an exceeding extent of recognition and fan base. The physic and features of Big cassis some of the alleged reasons for his popularity. Big cassis 7ft tall and weighs about 125. The nickname of Big Cass is big bill young and Colin Cassady. The actual ring name of Big cassis W. Morrissey. 

Big Cass won several awards in his entire professional career in WWE; to be precise, the utmost renowned one was the NXT Award. The career of Big Cass was entirely switched as he migrated to bounteous organizations several times. HowHoHOHowever there are ample crucial facts about significance. Cass, which even his die-hard fans don’t know about. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about big cats, so let’s dive in. 

Early Life

Big Cass, real name William Morrisey was born on the 16th of august in Glendale. Cass is a lethal mishmash of both Irish and Italian; he was pretty multitalented as was a renowned participant of the basketball sport, all the more he obliged as a teacher in a school in order to educate inefficient students, the organization was named as Archibishop Molly school. William Morrissey was exceedingly excellent in academics due to the fact he availed a scholarship from his fellow high school for the NY University. 

William Morrisey blazed the trail of his wrestling career in June 2011; the player teamed up with a renowned organization of FCW, the core notion of Florida championship wrestling was actually derived from the WWE. The foremost ring name of William Morrisey was Colin, and he played in his superficial match as a representative of the University of Florida in 2011. However, the debuting games of colin were not that significant as he was on a losing streak for almost a year.

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After the significant struggling period, Big Cass won his first match in the FCW in a game against Kenneth Cameron. However, later the FCW organization was owned by the WWE organization and named FCW as NXT branch. Afterward, with this mutation and changes in the organization, Morrisey debuted as his foremost match on the rebranded organization of WWE on the 5th of July 2013. Unfortunately, Big Cass failed to score a considerable inning in the knockout.

Later Cass partnered up with a fellow player and his old friend named Enzo Amore, and the tag team was named as the most genuine guy in the room. Conferring to the tag team, the singles later moved up to the Raw organization of WWE, where Cass attacked his own partner more and disbanded the group alongside his NXT career. A renowned wrestler big show and cass had a match which was intervened by Amore on 31st of July. Following the extreme rules of Raw big show was disqualified, and the game was won by Big Cass.

Net Worth

A few weeks ago, Big Cass blazed the trail of his impact wrestling career as a substitute for eric young. The net worth of big cassis $600 thousand. 

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