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Big daddy Kane, also renowned as count macula and dark gable king, was born on the 10thof September in 1968. Big daddy Kane is a famous 52 years old professional rapper, equipped with an exceeding extent of fan base and recognition in his utter career. Conferring the records and statements of proficient analysts and robust sources, big daddy Kane is considered as the golden age rapper subjected with extremely dominant writing skills. 

The entire set of lists of most excellent MCs generated by several sources consist of big daddy Kane in every list, either a list generated by MTV or it is a list generated by Here is an utter biography of big daddy Kane, including the net worth of this renowned rapper. Let’s jump straight to the facts.

Early life 

Big daddy, real name Antonio hardy, was born on the 10th of September 1968. Antonio blazed the trail of his career by teaming up with a band named the Juice crew. Big daddy Kane joined the band in 1986, the stage name of Antonia hardy was derived from the different names of the renowned television series named Kung-Fu.

Kane revolutionized the entire scenario of hip hop as he was subjected to few diversified skills and unique talents in contrast to other MCs in the arena. Biz Markie and big daddy Kane’s friendship grown in the late 1980s, and the rapper determined to renovate bounteous songs written by biz Markie.

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Kane entered the mainstream arena of hip hop by releasing his foremost album named as long live the Kane. The album was released on the music label of col Chillin records in 1988; the album displayed the actual potential of big daddy Kane. After the success of the first album in the hip hop industry, Kane dropped another bomb following the year. Big daddy Kane’s second album was named as its big daddy thing; the album is still the hottest collection of commendable songs. 

The album was correspondingly subjected to a song of big daddy featuring his previous crew member of the Juice crew. Big daddy Kane was a renowned personality in no time of his career; subsequent to the release of his albums and featuring ample singles, Kane won the Grammy award for the best rap performance. Rather than just performing as a rapper, Kane had a commendable acting career, correspondingly. He completed his foremost movie debut in Posse and later continued to serve in movies.

Antonio worked along with the labels, cold chillin, MCA, mercury, polygram, and lastly, warner bros in the entire professional career till now. Moreover, the rapper has won bounteous awards in the rapping career. 

The name of big daddy Kane albums are as follows, long live the Kane, daddy’s home, the taste of chocolate, it’s a big daddy thing, etc. The recent track released by big daddy Kane is enough; the way was meant to aware people regarding the instances and events of the police ruthlessness ecosystem. 

Net worth 

The network of big daddy Kane is somewhere $500 thousand. 

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