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Big e real name, Ettore Ewen, was born on the 1st of March in 1986. Big e is a 35 years old professional wrestler with the nickname of big e Langston. The features of big e such as height and weight are 5ft 11 inch and 129 kg respectively. Big e is subjected with ample unique talent; he has been working in wrestling, acting, voice impression alongside the football industry. Big E is equipped with an extreme fan base and recognition in the wrestling audience. Below mentioned is an utter biography of Big e; let’s have a look in depth. 

Early life

Ettore Ewen, ring name big e or big e Langston, was born on the 1st of March in 1986; Langston was born and brought up in a place named Tampa, Florida. Ettore was immensely interested in the pro athletic industry since his childhood, all the more he grabbed ample titles in his high school. Wharton high school in the sports field. After the completion of his high school, Ettore was admitted to an American university, where his interest was derived towards football sports, and he joined the college football team of the University of Iowa. 

Unfortunately, Ettore failed to play in the prominent team due to few injuries, and he managed to play a singular season. Ettore Ewen was later fascinated by the powerlifting sport, and Ettore even participated in the foremost USA powerlifting competition in the year 2010, and Ettore won the first-ever championship that he participated in, all the more he halted almost five records of the previous title, by lifting a collective raw weight of 1840 pounds. 

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Wrestling Career

The powerlifting career was exceedingly considerable for Ettore, and later, he was acquainted with professional wrestling. Ettore Ewen was signed by the FCW organization, a development branch of WWE. Ettore debuted his first match in the Florida wrestling championship in 2009 with the nickname Big E. The year 2012 was a breakthrough year for Ettore as he became the champions of the NXT championship by defeating the prominent member of shield, Seth Rollin.

After winning the NXT championship, Ettore made his first-class debut in the other branch of WWE named Raw. The debut was quite commendable as he attacked the renowned wrestler John Cena. Later he played his single foremost match in the raw organization against Daniel Bryan, and he defeated the explicit player. Following the game of Daniel Bryan, Langston played a best of five matches series against Alberto del Rio. The title of champion of that specific series was grabbed by Alberto del Rio. 

In 2014 big e formed a team alongside renowned professional wrestlers Kofi Kingston and woods, and the team was named the new day. However, Kofi Kingston, alongside Xavier woods, is now utterly drafted to the raw organization of WWE, whereas Langston still sustains in the smackdown.

Net worth

The net worth of the professional wrestler of the smackdown brand, big Langston, is $320 thousand. 

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