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Big Jay Oakerson Net worth

Big jay oakerson was born on the 7th of December in the year 1977; oakerson is 43years old professional comedian. The prominent genres performed by the comedian are shock humor, observatory, sarcasm, and few others. The subjects rendered by the stand-up comedian to an exceeding extent on his shows are daily activities and hip-hop culture. Rather than just being a comedian, Okerson is a podcast host and actor; all the more, he has performed significant roles in few movies. 

Big Jay oakerson is one of the utmost popular comedians ever to be existing, conferring few robust sources. Big jay oakerson is equipped with an exceeding extent of humourous audience base. Here are some of the interesting facts about oakerson, so without performing any delay, let’s get started.

Early life

Big jay oakerson, real name Jason Micheal big jay, was born on the 7th of December in the year 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Big Jay Parkerson was primarily raised by his mother merely as his father was not there during the instances. The standup comedian was brought to new jersey; the mother of oakerson worked at a full-time job organization to make enough livelihood to raise oakerson with all the necessities. 

After the high completion, big jay knew that comedy was the mere thing in his life that he wants to pursue as a full-time career. To pursue his passion as a full-time career, he even left the college just after one month of enrollment. The college was named Camden community college; however, he confronted ample complications during the initial phase of his career.

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To fulfill the basic requirement, Parkerson worked as a part-time bouncer in the stripper clubs, all the more he used to guard several renowned venues as a bouncer at the instance of any party. Oakerson is a familiar face on the TV comedy channels as he was featured on tons of shows and television comedy series. Some of the prominent and alleged shows include comedy central, both premium blends and presents, etc. He was featured in a movie named z rock portraying the character of Nile. 

Big jay was also credited in the television series tough crowd with Colin, all the more he appeared in the third season of the Louie web series. As mentioned, the stand-up comedian is correspondingly a podcast and radio show host. The utmost renowned post hosted by oakerson is the legion of shanks; the podcast was subjected to other hosts belonging to the standup comedy industry, such as Luis J. Gomez and dave smith. Big jay, alongside Ralph Sutton, hosted the SDR show on a virtual channel.

The personal life of big jay includes the divorce between him and his ex-wife named Carla. Moreover, Big jay also has a daughter named Bella. Jewish descent oakerson shares the custody of Izabella alongside his wife. Big jay is dating Christine Evans since the divorce from Carla. 

Net worth 

The net worth of big jay oakerson is $1 million to $5 million.

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