Big John McCarthy, full name john Michael McCarthy was born on the 12th of October in 1962. John is a 58 years old former international MMA referee, alongside a podcast host. The fact might amaze you that John had been correspondingly serving in the civil services of the United States of America. Big John is one of the renowned personalities of mixed martial art sports as he has been a referee of the year consecutively three times. 

Big john’s name is derived from the bounteous body features and his size. The height of big john is 6 ft 3 inch or 1.93m. rather than just serving in civil services and mixed martial arts referees and analysts, big john has made guest approaches in ample MMA-based documentaries. Here are some of the interesting facts about Big John Mccarthy, so let’s get started.

Early life

John Michael McCarthy, ring name big john McCarthy was born on the 12th of October in 1962, Los Angeles, California, United States. Big John has served for the civil services of the united states, service year of McCarthy was 1985-2007. As mentioned ahead, the big-name john was rendered to John by the UFC co-founder due to his physic. After retirement from the civil services, Maccarthy was turned out one of the prominent coaches of UFC, and he supervised almost every match of the UFC organization. 

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Alongside serving as a police officer, big John McCarthy served as a head referee in almost every match of UFC, at the very first instance of the sport, it was not equipped with a bunch of rules, the primary notion of a referee was to ensure that match ended in a legit way. The rules were simple; the game ends, an explicit player taps out or gets utterly knock out. Big John McCarthy supervised a match between Royce Gracie and sumo wrestler of Japan. 

The awards acquired by John Micheal McCarthy in his entire career as a referee are referee of the year three consecutive times. 2015, 2016, and 2017, all the more, he won the MMA hall of fame. McCarthy used to train wrestlers in the 1990s, conferring the passion for teaching sport; big john opened the biggest MMA schools in the entire California state. The size of the school was 2900 meters square; however, big john had to sell the school.

The sport that fascinated big john the most was jiu-jitsu; the fact might astonish you that big john grabbed the title of Brazilian black belt in jiu-jitsu. Big John is the father of two sons and one daughter, and he is married to Elaine McCarthy. The name of big john’s children is as follows, John Micheal Jr., Britney, and Ronald II. The film television progression of big john is primarily in MMA-based documentaries. Moreover, he was featured in tons of music videos. The fact might shock you that big john correspondingly appeared in the renowned comedy TV series friends as a UFC referee in the match between John Favreau and Tank abbot.

Net worth

The net worth of big john is $ 2 million. 

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