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Do you have any interest in American raps? If yes, then you would indeed have even one track by the famous rapper and record producer named Big Krit. He entered the music industry by offering some of the major hits and earned good fame. The main album which offered him limelight among a wide range of audience is KRIT Wuz Here. This was a profound turning point in his life as he got several offers, which also offered him recognition as the top rap star of America. There are many more things about him which should be in knowledge of every person.

Early life

Big KRIT is originally named Justin Lewis Scott, who took his first breath on August 26th, 1986. His place of birth was Meridian, Mississippi, in the US. There are no details about the occupation and names of his parents. But sources say that his parents got divorced when KRIT was a very young boy. He was mainly cared off by his father, which is why he mentioned that his father mainly raised him. KRIT got admitted to Meridian High School and then attended the local community college for further education. He didn’t continue his education in college and decided to drop out because he wanted to start his career in the field of music.

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Career beginning

KRIT Commenced his professional career in 2005 and continued his hard work until he attained great success after five years in 2010. Yes, it was only years when he came out with the mixtape entitled “KRIT WUZ here”. This is only because of his success; he also headlined The Smoker’s Club in the same year. He launched another mixtape named “Return of 4eva”, which also earned good attention from the audience. His first debut named “Live from the Underground” in 2012, and you will be amazed to know that this album booked a 5th position on the US Billboard 200.

Just in the following years, he also came up with a mixtape named King Remembered In the time, which was proved as one of the enormous sources of his earning at that time. Even he achieved identity as one of the most versatile rappers in the industry, which was all result of his skills and efforts. KRIT second album came out in 2014, and surprisingly, this album also captured 5th position on the US billboard 200, which was also a great success for him.

The life-changing year of his life was 2017 when he launched his own label and one album under it. The album grabbed attention from a huge range of audiences and was also spotted at the 7th ranking of US billboard 200.

Personal life

There was a lot of rumor regarding Big KRIT that he is gay, but it is not at all true. He is a completely straight person who is in relation to Mara Hruby, a well-known singer. There is no news about their marriage.

Net worth

The net worth of Big KRIT is reported at $500,000 at the present time.

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