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Big Narstie Net worth

Have you ever heard about Big Narstie? If not, then you have really missed hearing a track of a very talented personality and legendary artist who is an English Rapper and Grime MC from Lambeth, London. He was born on 16th November 1985 and is 35 years old successful artist at the present time. He has given a couple of music hits and played a perfect role in the television industry. The things do not end up here as talented personality has many exciting things, and everyone should indeed have some idea about them.

Early life

Big Narstie was born on 16th November 1985 in Brixton, London. He was born to Jamaican parents who got separated when he was just six years old. He had not been in touch with his father for several years from that time. Mother was only supported for him, which let him raise until he pushed his hands to perform the unpleasant tasks. He got involved in acts like selling drugs, terrorising the kids and many poor things, which indicates that he had a very dark and rough teenage. He has also convicted for a culture of violence due to such type of inappropriate acts. 

He attended Stock Well Park high school and had a dream of being in the army. But due to his overweight and impossibility to shed weight, he was not able to follow up his dream. This was the reason he faced depression in his life at this point in time.

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Career beginning

Big narstie entered the field of music when he collaborated with Dice recordings in 2007. He launched a song named ‘Brushman’, which was also a significant hit. It was also recognised as the Song of the year listed in RWD Magazine. You will be surprised to know that it was also endorsed by the likes of Coldplay, which was known as mainstream to acknowledge grime tracks. 

Later he made his debut named ‘Uncle B’, which was a collection of a remix by Professor Green and N Dubz. At this point, his professional career started earning limelight, and he launched three mixtapes in a row which was liked by the higher range of audience from all over the world. In 2010, he also dropped a mixed CD label titled ‘Pain Overload’ and ‘Pain in love’. One thing was confirmed that he has some exceptional talent which is the reason that each and every track is fully hit.

Later, he took a break from the music industry and gave his best to get featured in the show named Dubplate Drama. He was liked by the audience, and then he also appeared in the series like ‘Krish and Lee’. This is the reason why he earned such good attention from the audience that made him reach his popularity to the seventh sky.

Personal life

Just like another artist, Big Narstie has always tried to keep his personal life undercover. No one has even a little idea about his relationship history or anything related to his live life. Even his social media are pretty covered.

Net worth

The net worth of Big Narstie is estimated at around 2.1 million pounds.

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