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Who is Big Pun want to know? Well, most people are aware of Big Pun, but it is hardly anyone who does not know about it. So, let’s begin the introduction of him. The original name is Christopher Lee Rios, but he is mainly known as Big Pun and Big Punisher. The thing is that he was a rapper and songwriter. He was a famous personality in his time, and he appeared in a movie also. When the matter comes to what type of genre he used in his album, then the hip-hop genre is listened to by the listeners. 

In addition to his, he was a healthy child at an early age, and his complexion of his was fair. He is known for the hard work and dedication he had towards his career. He had very friendly behavior with his peers and his family members. For many people, he was a mystery as they do not know much about him. Now, it is time to glance at underneath and see what it reveals.

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Big Pun’s birth year and more

Big Pun was born on 10th November 1971, The Bronx, New York City, United States. He died at a young age on 7th February 2000 White Plains, New York, US. His age was 28 when he died. The reason behind his death was obesity-related heart failure. His father departed when he was an infant while his mother was severely addicted to an intoxicating substance called drugs. Well, he had a stepfather, but unfortunately, he was very abusive. Hence his grandmother decided to raise him. Big Pun had a very harsh childhood and owing to the bad impact on his family. He started having problems with his academics, and then he rusticated from his school.

When the matter comes to his career, then he commenced it in the 1990s by writing lyrics, and finally, he made a rap team involving the rappers Toom, Jamz, Lyrical Assassin. Big Pun was firstly revealed by Fat Joe and launched the album called Jealous One’s Envy. However, he signed a contract as a solo artist with Loud Records in the year 1997. Then he announced and released his Grammy-nominated debut studio album in April 1998 named Capital Punishment. He became a famous rapper when he launched that album, and it was recorded that day by day, listeners were increased that loved his rap.

Furthermore, it is said that Big Pun was abused by his mother, which resulted in him becoming poor and homeless. He had many weight problems that affected his health badly. The fluctuation was seen in him with regards to weight in the early 1990s. Then he enrolled himself in the weight loss program at Duke University. And in less time, he lost 36 kg (80pounds). But due to some personal issues, he stopped his weight loss program permanently. His peers have chased him because of his heavy weight and owing to this, and he stopped eating in front of his friends.

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