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Popular Music band big time rush net worth

Big Time Rush is one of the well-known and popular music productions Band that is very close to many youngsters. The best thing about this band is it has the same craze and popularity to date from the time it came into limelight. Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson are the four members of this Nickelodeon Viacom Music Productions Band. The best understanding, support, and cooperation among themselves are the major reason for the success of Big Time Rush.

Four pillars of Big Time Rush

All four members of Big Time Rush are equally responsible for the popularity of Big Time Rush. Without their dedication and focus towards the work, it was highly impossible to come into the limelight. Let us know about each pillar of this popular band:

  • Kendall Schmidt – Born on 2nd November 1990, he is an American actor and a songwriter and is one of the popular ones to play in Big Time Rush. Not only in Big Time Rush, but Kendall Schmidt won the hearts of people with his several roles in television shows.  He also worked as a solo artist in many albums.
  • James David Maslow – Born on 16th July 1990, this famous American singer and actor, James David Maslow, grabbed the attention of millions of people with his role as a James Diamond in Big Time Rush. He also played many interesting roles in numerous series.
  • Carlos Pena Jr – Popular American actor and singer born on 15th August 1989 rocked his performance as Carlos Garcia on Nickelodeon’s series Big Time Rush. Apart from being a member of Big Time Rush Carlos Pena Jr was also the host of Webheads (the network’s game show)
  • Logan Henderson – Well-known American actor, singer, and former member of the Big Time Rush, Logan Henderson was born on 14th September 1989 and won best appreciations for his role in Big Time Rush as Logan Mitchell.

The popularity of Big Time Rush

A popular American pop music boy band Big Time Rush was formed in the year 2009. Consisting of four highly talented people, this band has won many appreciations from all over the world. There is always something unique with this band, and youngsters especially are giving huge importance to this rocking band. After Nickelodeon signed Big Time Rush, it then partnered with Columbia and produced the show. Big Time Rush was released on 29th November 2009 and broadcasted in the U.S. for the first time, and later it was released worldwide. After seeing the huge response for their first release, Big Rush Time decided to come up with many new and interesting songs to impress people.

The net worth of Big Time Rush

As per various online resources, the net worth of Big Time Rush in the year 2013 was collective $10 million. For the deal, the Big Time Rush group signed upon on a contract with Nickelodeon with Columbia records for five albums was worth $2 million. As per the records, these boys were paid around $200 each for season 1.

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