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BigTymeR Net Worth

BigTymeR is a known name in the sports field and is now popular as a retired Call of Duty player. He announced his retirement from the game in 2014 and remained active with the teams like OpTic and Xtravagant Gaming. While in his active life as a player, he has gained huge applause and awards for the same. In the span of five years, he managed to play with OpTic and thus gained around nine championships in the coming five years, while we now see him looking after his past esports. Now, let us dig in deep into it to get the gist of this man in the following paragraphs. 

Early Life 

BigTymeR is originally called Will Johnson, while he hails from Marked Tree, Rakasa, and was brought up in Chicago. He was born on 3rd July 1991 and did his schooling and college from the same place. Before he became a seasoned player for Call Of Duty. Since his early days, he was interested in exploring different types of games and other similar stuff that made him turn active in this domain. Now, let’s talk about his career beginning and other stuff as under.

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Career Beginning 

Talking about his career in Call of Duty, it all started during the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare days in 2009. He was more known for playing the game called Xtravagant popularly known as “IXI”. This led him later to bag the MLG National Championship 2009. While he went smooth, he thought of coming up with another game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 teaming up with Rambo, which soon helped him make his decision to change the team up with the OpTic Gaming. 

He was seen networking with the players like ProoFy, Rambo, and MerK coming up with different OpTic games like modern warfare 2 along with Black Ops. Despite doing well with these players in this game and even winning 400K USD, he headed to change his team and went to go for the game called Modern Warfare 3. He then was seen making a short switch with a new squad trying a new game called NaDeSHoT with team members like Scump and MerK.  

He then came up with another in 2014 at the UMG Philadelphia and this is where he announced that this would be his final game. He announced his retirement with the 2014 season but was later even seen in the Major League Game that came up as his final event in his gaming career. After his retirement, he has done several things like turning into a YouTuber, Trader, and Investor. He even founded his trading company called GreenWallst where he deals with shares trading. 

Personal Life

Talking about his personal life, he hails from Marked Tree, Rakasas, while he mostly lived in Chicago. He is still single and has been brought up with a sister. We often see her with him in most of his pictures on social media. 

Net worth 

Talking about his net worth, it has remained huge, all thanks to his popularity and stardom due to his gaming career. His net worth is estimated to be around 360 B USD.

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