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Bill Achtmeyer Net Worth

Bill is known for the party known as a vision that he founded in the year 1991. He is a well-recognized person in the corporate and business sector because of the consultancy education provided. The company started by him as the pathway known as a combination with EY. The mixture was seen in the year 2014, which led to the Global EY Parthenon team. 

A strategy that he provides in the mergers and acquisitions is Top class, and he has now also become the director at Bain and Company. He also founded them and an integration practice that is a very active thing as a philanthropist.

Personal life 

He is supposed to be a very active philanthropist globally and has also served on the UNICEF New England board. Along with his wife Alli, he had received the award Helenka Pantaleoni Humanitarian. He is also known for his involvement in the children’s Board of Massachusetts General Hospital. Also, the bill is supposed to be the chairman of the Boston Symphony orchestra and Truck School at Dartmouth college’s tenacity. Many things are acquired by him, and he is serving the world for more than 11 years overseas.

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Engagement with public

As stated above, he is thought to have a link with a lot of authorities and other councils. He is the chairman of a lot of social work which involves the Council, schools and other aspects. Many are being helped by the working of Bill. Most of the social position which he does engage in the prevention of the children who are done and are a victim of cruelty made by the public on them. 

The Tuck School at Dartmouth college’s tenacity has also awarded him with an award of overseer medal. The award was received by him in the year 2012 because of the eleven years of chairman that he had been for the college.


Talking about the education which is done by Bill during his education period and the life stabilizing moment, he is thought to be a well-educated person. As a person, he holds a degree of BA in public and international affairs. The graduate degree was acquired by him from Wilson school at Princeton University. Masters degree in The Bachelors of Arts he received an MBA from the Truck School of Business at Dartmouth. Being a well-educated person, he is involved in many of the educational programs and is chairman for many of the colleges and schools.

Net worth

Bill Achtmeyer altogether started the work as the strategic consultant and started earning from the moment. But working as the consulting for the job went so far that they began to engage in the organization until the year 2019. Developing the new opportunities, they started the career and went for making an organization that had a worth of $2 billion in total and having 500 partners and 5000 of the consultant juggernaut. 

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